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Scientific researches

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Scientific journals
Scientific journals are multidirectional open access gateways for the exploration of scientific discoveries and new research in medical and other sciences. These journals are periodical publications intended for communication in the scientific community to further the progress of mankind. Scientific journals represent the collaborative efforts of many scientists and scholars from various disciplines. Although some scientific journals are multidisciplinary, most journals are highly specialized and publish articles related to specific scientific fields.

Venus Medicine Research Center (VMRC)
Venus Medicine Research Center are committed to metamorphose ourselves into the leaders providing innovative solutions to the unmet medical needs in the field of anti-microbial resistance, oncology, wound care and pain management, antibiotic resistance, aminoglycosides, superbug, cancer therapy, hospital acquired pneumonia, ndm-1, antimicrobial resistance, multidrug resistance, targeted drug delivery, antibiotic research, new research in oncology. is not responsible for sites included in this directory

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