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Comments of tests:
Zung anxiety test
Assertiveness test
Self control test
Self esteem test
Stress test
Zung depression test
Internet addiction test
Empathy test
Test of the appearances
Logical intelligence test
Practical intelligence test
Introversion/extroversion test
Optimism/pessimism test
Sincerity test
Superstition test
Enneagram test
Listening capacity test
Hyperactivity test (children)
Conduct disorder test
Obsessive-compulsive disorder test
Eating disorders test
Attention disorder test (adults)
Sex addiction test
Compulsive shopping test
Ambition test
Prudence/imprudence test
Authoritarianism/libertarianism test
Education test
Mental age test
Post-traumatic stress disorder
Calculation speed test
Memory test
Memory test (italian)
Visual-photographic memory test
Visual-photographic memory test 2
Social phobia test
Pride test
Satisfaction level test
Test: how stubborn are you?
Test: are you touchy?
Hypochondria test
Memory for numbers test (easy)
Memory for words test (easy)
Memory for numbers test (difficult)
Memory for words test (difficult)
Test: how long will you live?
Reading speed test
Reading speed test (italian)
Writing speed test
Writing speed test (italian)
Test: are you smart?
Test of the proverbs
Test of the colors
Test of the tastes
Willpower test
Test: are you a winner?
Maturity test (under 21)
Test: are you still a child?
Nicotine addiction test
Television addiction test
Cell phone addiction test
Laziness-productivity test
Memory test with time check
Memory test with time check - difficult
Memory test with time check - calculations
Test of the commonplaces
Dangerous driving test
Test: find the password
Test: find the path
Conformism/anticonformism test
Test: are you active or passive?
Greed test
Obsequiousness test
Envy test
Creativity test
Reliability test
Exhibitionism test
Selfishness test
Vanity test
Solitude test
Facebook addiction test
Narcissism test
Eyesight test
Couple affinity test
Nationalism test
Test: how long will your marriage last?
Measures test
Test: do you recognise animals?
Alcohol abuse test
Emotional intelligence test

Comments of quizzes:
Psychology quiz - base level
Psychology quiz - advanced level
Anxiety quiz
Stress quiz
Internet quiz
Cinema quiz
Engine quiz
Car and motorcycle quiz
Geography quiz
Phobia quiz
Psychology and psychotherapy
Test, preparazione
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