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Below are listed the tests that received most visits during the last weeks. These tests can be considered as the most appreciated by the public.


1. Test: are you active or passive?

2. Narcissism test

3. Logical intelligence test

4. Measures test

5. Couple affinity test

6. Exhibitionism test

7. Alcohol abuse test

8. Emotional intelligence test

9. Creativity test

10. Selfishness test

11. Solitude test

12. Obsequiousness test

13. Cell phone addiction test

14. Test of the proverbs

15. Test: do you recognise animals?

16. Find the path

17. Nationalism test

18. Envy test

19. Greed test

20. Test: how long will your marriage last?

December 2012 update: new tests and quizzes added! [Click here to try them]

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