Self control test

The following test has been developed with the purpose to measure one's self-control level. Self-control is the capacity to remain rational and controlled even when the situation becomes very stressful and problematic. Self-control can vary between two opposite points: impulsiveness (total lack of self-control) and rationality (calmness and absence of emotions).

1 - You make a fool of yourself in front of some people you have just met, how do you behave afterwards?
You try not to see them again || You invent some excuses || You laugh with them about it

2 - During a moment of distraction you let your cell phone fall on the ground, what's your first reaction?
You get angry || You pick your phone up and check it for damages

3 - You make an error which damages the society you're employed in, what do you think?
Let's find a solution! || Damn! What do I do now? || I'm so angry! I don't want to think about it anymore!

4 - You see your partner in an intimate situation with a person that you don't know, how do you react?
You get angry but wait for a later clarification || You make a scene! ||
You assault your partner || You assault the stranger || You don't care

5 - When you argue with people you happen to: (choose the most frequent one)
Raise your voice || Get angry and shout || Lower your voice

6 - You come back to the parking lot and find a scratch on your car, what is your first reaction?
You swear || You get frustrated || You immediately think of a solution

7 - You feel a malaise during your friend's wedding, what do you do?
You remain impassive || You ask for support || You leave the wedding

8 - You meet by chance a person that you hoped not to see again, you:
Remain calm and exchange some words with him/her || Turn around and accelerate your pace || Feel anxious but greet him/her

9 - You have been in queue on the highway for an hour, what do you think?
I hope they move soon! || It can't last forever!
|| I can't stand it anymore!

10 - Your partner gets hurt by a knife while cooking, he/she loses a lot of blood, how do you react?
You panic || You get anxious but also try to drive him/her to the hospital || You calmly evaluate the situation

11 - You are walking while a car cuts in front of you and makes you lose your balance. 10 minutes later you see that car parked on the street. What do you do?
You scratch the car || You wait for the car driver || You remain impassive and walk on

12 - You're in a pub with your friends and a stranger accidentally spills his drink on your shirt. What's your reaction?
You insult him || You ask him to apologise || You don't say anything

13 - You are in an intimate situation with your partner when your phone rings, what do you do?
You reluctantly answer || Check who's calling and decide what to do || You don't even notice the ringing

14 - You are in a restaurant and the waiter brings you a course that you haven't ordered. What do you do?
You tell the waiter about it || You get angry with the waiter || You don't mind and eat it anyway

15 - You have been in queue at the post office for a long time, but you have an appointment in 10 minutes, what do you do?
You try to jump the queue || You impatiently wait for your turn || You wait and try to divert your mind

16 - You are at the cinema and the people behind you are talking loudly, what's your reaction?
You try to concentrate on the movie || You kindly tell them to stop talking || You yell them to stop immediately

17 - You are waiting for the result of an important examination, but it seems to be late. How do you feel?
Furious || Agitated || Calm

18 - Your friends define you:
Touchy || Impulsive || Calm || Reasonable || Pacific ||

19 - You have just performed a risky overtaking and immediately after it you see a policeman ordering you to stop the car, what do you think?
I could pretend not to see him... || Damn! What a bad luck! || Well, I asked for it...

20 - You are writing an important documet with your computer when it suddenly gets stuck. You lose your work. What do you do?
You punch the keyboard || You exclaim something bad || You look for a possible solution
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