Test of the appearances

The following test is a funny instrument developed to measure one's tendency to evaluate things and people depending on their outer face. Anyone can take this test, although some questions have been calibrated on a female audience. Do you believe that outside appearances are important? Or do you instead believe in the theory according to which "clothes do not make the man"?

1 - In a year you spend more money in:
Clothes || Hangouts || Hobbies || Travels

2 - How much time do you spend choosing the right match of your clothes?
Less than 5 minutes || Between 6 and 20 minutes || Over 20 minutes

3 - When travelling you wear:
Sneakers || Comfortable shoes (not sneakers) || Heels || Flip-flops

4 - The first day at sea you are:
Already tanned || Of your natural color || You don't go to sea

5 - White skin means:
Nobilty || Poverty || Carelessness

6 - When you are among people dressing in a shabby or tacky way, you feel:
Better than them || Unease || At ease || Like you always do

7 - People judge you mostly by:
The way you dress || Your hangouts || Your character

8 - Very tanned people generate in you:
Admiration || Envy || Indifference || Disgust

9 - What do you like the most among these?
Fashionable things || Non-fashionable things || Expensive things
|| Useful things

10 - How many artificial sunbathings do you have yearly?
0 || 1-5 || 6-10 || More than 10

11 - A powerful, expensive, exclusive car is:
Beautiful || Elegant || You don't care || You can't say without knowing its brand and model

12 - A person that completely lacks of taste in dressing is:
Not intelligent || Ignorant || Unlucky || How can you know?

13 - These shoes are beautiful, I really like them. Too bad they are so uncomfortable:
You will get used to them || It's better not to buy them || You must have them anyway

14 - The perspective of an artificial sunbathing causes you:
Horror || Worry || Excitement || Indifference

15 - You are about to go to a stylish restaurant, and you know that you will have to walk on a gravel road to reach it. What type of shoes do you wear?
Heels || Low shoes || Flip-flops || You don't attend stylish places

16 - You have a little scratch on your face. Your doctor told you not to use any make-up until it heals, but the day after you will have an important job interview: what do you do?
You cover the scratch with some make-up || You try to postpone the interview || You go to the interview without any make-up

17 - You are in a pub with other people and you unintentionally pour some of your cocktail on your dress. Other people don't notice it: what do you do?
You change your dress || You try to hide the stain
|| You pretend nothing happened || You point the stain out and laugh at it

18 - You are invited at a high level party, you expect other people to wear:
Fashionable clothes || Expensive clothes || Comfortable clothes
|| You wouldn't know

19 - Your feel more at ease among people that are:
Good-looking || Bad-looking but well dressed || Good-looking and well dressed || It's not important

20 - The saying "The cowl does not make the monk" means that:
The monk is bad-dressed || The monk doesn't care about his clothes
|| Clothes ae not important || Clothes are important

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