Visual-photographic memory test

Now answer the following questions. Please don't go back to watch the image again, or your result will not be valid.

1 - How many houses can you see in the image?
One || Two || Three

2 - How many lamps does the street light possess?
Three || One || Two

3 - Lamps are:
All on || One on and the others off || All off

4 - There's a time in the foreground. Which one?
13:32:19 || 14:32:19 || 14:19:32

5 - Is the Christmas tree in the middle higher or lower than houses?
Lower || Same height || Higher

6 - How many houses do not have a fence?
None || One || Two

7 - How many houses have a smoking chimney?
None || All || One

8 - How many windows does the further house possess?
Two || Three || One

9 - How many fences do not have a gate?
One || All || None

10 - What's in the background, beyond houses?
Snow || Open country || Trees

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