Well I got "excessive" empathy which is about right. And just FYI to who ever put that their results were wrong because they were empathetic but they just don't care(at least that's how I interpreted it you they actually put "caress" and I'm just figuring they meant carelss)... Well you know, it's not enough to have the ability that makes you empathetic it's the fact that you care sooooo much that you can't help but do something about it. And you shouldnt have to attempt it should just come naturally. It should be NOT feeling other's emotions that is the trick, if you really are empathetic. That is probalbly why you got "medium". To all the other empaths out there: good luck because sometimes(who am I kidding, it's most of the time) being an empath is extreamly draining and painful. It's not fun to be an empath, but it's our duty to take advantage of the good aspects of it to help people/animals/other who need us.

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