I voted poor for the test quality because it doesn't clearly explain how it uses your answers to determine your mental age (It said my mental age is 500 years old? Explain please?) Also accused me of being insincere when I said I sometimes follow TV newscasts, but I don't watch TV. I can follow my local TV news stations on the radio or internet. I don't own a TV because I don't have enough money to buy a TV and cannot afford to add a large monthly cable service bill to my rent bill and other monthly payments besides. When TV used to be free several years ago, I really enjoyed watching. Also said I was a language mangler, because I
saud I sometimes use abbreviations - although I maybe only use
one text abbreviation, once in a while, in an email now and then. If the test would explain how it determines results, I'd give a high score, cause it was still a fun test.

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