I had an HSG 4 months ago. They ask you to not have sex bofree or after the procedure because when they dilate your cervix to put in the catheter, your risk for infection is very high. I actually work at the hospital where it was done and knew the tech, so it made it less scary. When they put the catheter in, it doesn't feel any different than when you get your annual exam. You really can't feel it go through your cervix. I was able to see the screen and they explained everything to me. The only painful part was when they injected the contrast, and that's because it flows through the tubes and out into your abdomen. Your peritoneum is very sensitive.. do you have endometriosis? If you do, it's the very same concept- when your menstrual flows goes through your tubes into your peritoneum, you get severe cramps. It lasted for about an hour after the procedure. My uterus and tubes were clear, and the radiologist told me a lot of people get pregnant after wards due to your tubes being very clear. Even if there was the slightest blockage, it would now be clear. I didn't get pregnant in the 3 mos following, but my husband just had a semen analysis and they found WBC's causing the sperm to agglutinate, so I'm praying after 10 days of antibiotics we will be able to get pregnant after 2 years of trying! Good luck to you, and don't stress about the HSG.. it'll be just fine ANd for the answerer bofree me-you get the informal results right away. The radiologist can tell you right then if you have any blockages or not. The radiologist then dictates his findings for your OB GYN to see. I got a call from my OB GYN about 2 weeks later, but of course I wasn't expecting it because the radiologist had already let me know everything looked fine.

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