It told me, "Nonconformist. Your answers denote a completely non-conformist attitude, which is also really close to an excess. You need to be always different and original, you must distinguish from the mass and think in a different way. Well, be careful because you seems to exaggerate a bit. There's nothing wrong in being similar to other people when the situation asks for it; it could even be a necessity in some cases. Trying to always be different could also produce some negative effects. Virtue stands in the middle, generally. Beside this, the very important thing is not being conformed or not, but being at peace with oneself." I suppose I'm so special that whoever wrote it has trouble believing such a person can really exist? I even went back and reviewed my answers to make sure I wasn't exaggerating in the least bit. Denial is denial, I suppose.

1 - Everyone is talking positively about that movie you haven't seen yet. What do you think?
A) It's surely a nice movie!
B) I can't judge it untill I see it
C) I don't care about movies that everyone watches !
I found this question a little troubling due to the fact that I agree I shouldn't judge it until I see it and I also don't care about movies "in general." I don't watch much TV apart from documentaries and there are rarely popular new movies out that are actual documentaries, let alone ones my friends would like or ones in theaters which would be the only kind of scenario I can imagine with that question. I have actually never come across a situation where there was a new movie out I cared enough to see that was popular and being spoken about by many or even just my friends.

9 - If you could be a child again, what job would you choose?
A) Scientist
B) Politician
C) Astronaut
D) Lawyer
I actually LOVED the choices given for that question since I'm actually still a teenager and I do intend on becoming a lawyer when I'm older. However, I feel those options are pretty limited since I'm sure there are many that wouldn't like any of those jobs. I can imagine that it wouldn't be possible (or even practical to try) to list every job option available though so I suppose it's alright since I see the point the writer was trying to get at.

10 - Is it important, for you, other people's opinion about you?
A) Very important
B) Important but not so much
C) Slightly important
D) Not important at all
That question was sort of vague to me since, in all honesty, I care 0% about the opinions of anyone I don't know fondly and trust. However, I care highly about the opinions of my close friends, but not during all situations. For example, if I was doing something I wouldn't mind changing that they didn't like or would like me to stop, then I'd care enough to change my ways for them. However, if they were to disagree with something I find to be a core value of mine then I'd not feel bad about it and I wouldn't change myself for them. If they were to have a problem with it, I'd simply stop being their friend. Also, one thing I believe is that one should never change their personality in order to please someone else. What's the point in having a friend if they don't care about the real you, but a persona that you created? So I wouldn't alter my personality for them which leaves very few opportunities for me to actually change because someone asked me to. Anyhow, I just ended up selecting the fourth choice, given that's the case in almost all situations.

12 - When you are in a group do you usually agree with other members, or do you happen to disagree with them?
A) I always agree with them
B) I normally agree with them
C) I rarely agree with them
D) I usually disagree with them
This question confused me since I found none of the options provided suitable. I don't care what others think and I don't purposely go out of my way to try to be different nor do I go out of my way to follow the crowd. I simply follow my own opinion. Therefore, I believe there should be an option for choosing what I want without caring what others think. I don't pay much attention to how often I agree with the crowd, though I imagine it'd be something like half of the time and not almost never or almost always like the only possible answers suggest.

15 - When you're facing a dilemma, you mostly listen to:
A) Yourself
B) Your friends
C) Both
This question was strange since I do listen to both, but I don't necessarily follow my friends' opinion(s) simply because they said it. I just ask them what their opinion is and the reasoning behind it in hopes it'll help improve my own with increased knowledge of another's point of view.

I didn't notice anything I found bothersome with any of the other questions. I can see there was some effort put forward into this test, so I suppose it's alright for something I'm assuming wasn't professional and was created simply for the fun of making it. My opinion would be different if it was professional.

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