I just want to take a stand to the things in my P.S. thingy.

I don't see how you could under any circumstance respect a person simply on the basis of their age. Everybody will get old eventually, so that's not that much of an accomplishment (of course excluding people dieing).

Beauty in the usually term of course vanishes, but that's not really the beauty, which I care about.

I personally believe that being happy, and fulfilled in live is something worth bothering with. Health on the other hand not, The 5 choices on the matter aren't enough to really explain my stance on health.

Language has to evolve. We live in a never stopping high tech time, in which everything has to be expressed "asap". The world becomes more efficient as we go along, our Language isn't an exception.

Damn now I feel silly for defending things which an P.S. thingy pointed out, but whatever.


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