Superstition test

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5:05am on Thursday, August 30th, 2012 

I am wiccan so somethings are relgious in nature and corrispond to my beliefe system but place all trust in science. I got a score of 52%. Acting on a superstion can be dangerious, but not beleving in something. That provesi n my opinon that a person can see deeper meaning in something and draw a conclusion to fit observible phenominon, even if i... read more »

Lora   Nova Scotia 

5:07pm on Friday, March 30th, 2012 

I read somewhere that according to American superstition black cats are GOOD luck, it's only in Europe they're believed to be bad luck. I love cats, so if a black one crossed my path I'd probably be "Aww, come here kitty so I can pet you". lol

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