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A Psychosomatic Antivirus of Elia Tropeano

July 4th, 2008 autore

The idea of an antivirus came to the author’s mind while he was studying a case of gastritis. The patient was convinced that his problem could not be attributed to extrinsic factors as he followed a correct diet, led a regular life and did not make excessive use of any medicine. When asked by the author to think about something connected with his problem, the image of a company manager rebuking him with a certain tone of voice came to mind. He was then asked to make believe he could curtail the image of the company manager and the patient quickly reported that the malaise had disappeared. The episode confirmed one of his theories: past experiences, mental images, inner descriptions etc., hidden within our memory, within the right hemisphere of our brain, can cause psychosomatic disorders as time goes by. Thus, all we need to do is identify and correct such causes and resolve the problem. He tested the validity of the method with other psychosomatic disorders such as epilepsy, allergies, tumours, etc. and this proved to be effective. He then participated in a forum on the web ( and avowed that through his therapeutic techniques tumours could be easily eliminated thus he was looking for something more complex, for example degenerative diseases. A few days later he received the following message: I’M A 7 YEAR OLD BOY WHO HAS BEEN DIAGNOSED A GLIOMA TRUNCUS TUMOUR SINCE JANUARY 4TH 2005. I HAVE UNDERGONE CHEMOTHERAPY AND RADIOTHERAPY. NO IMPROVEMENTS ARE NOTICEABLE. AT THE MOMENT I AM ALMOST TOTALLY PARALYSED. NO SURGERY IS FEASIBLE UNLESS ARBORIZATION RETREATS. CAN THIS NEW THERAPY HELP ME? THANK YOU, I NEED YOUR HELP A HANDSOME YOUNG BOY ANDREA (ANDREW) The author contacted the young boy’s parents and after experimenting his therapy, which proved effective, the glioma rapidly disappeared and the young boy became perfectly healthy.


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The physiology of Dreams

July 3rd, 2008 autore

The transition from a state of wakefulness to one of sleep comes about gradually and coincides with reduced bodily functions. Once a physiological loss reaches the critical level, the left hemisphere(dominant hemisphere of our brain) is activated and starts building upon images, sounds and sensations: dreams, with the aim of restoring those chemical-physical values which belong to a state of wakefulness. Once restored a new loss occurs and the cycle repeats itself for the entire period that we are asleep. Dreams can raise the chemical-physical parameters but need to be continuously interrupted in order to avoid high levels thus the risk of waking us up. Continuous interruptions induce a deeper state of amnesia proportional to the interruptions. When we dream, lacking total access to our right hemisphere, we are without identity, nor do we remember anything rather, our mnemonic function is restricted to those events which have occurred during the day. We cannot conceive time, distance or residence. The sole mnemonic function which remains concerns space-time which is activated by rapid access connections to the right hemisphere. Both hemispheres must be activated when we awake and more so when rapid access connections to the right hemisphere become more frequent. In this case the greater number of space-time coordinates are achieved, the more dreams are linked to real life.

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