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Dreams, in short

Posted By autore On July 3, 2008 @ 4:45 pm In Curiosities And Other News | No Comments

Dreams perform various functions: they quickly help us find our sense of orientation when we wake up; they salvage data gathered during the day prior to sleeping and they upload all programmes related to behaviour and thought. Should we awake abruptly without dreaming we would encounter great difficulties moving around or coordinating simple movements. This is the central issue reported in an article written by Elia Tropeano which recently appeared on Internet. The article however does not mention the case of a school teacher who relates that one night, while she was studying for a state exam with a friend it got very late and she fell asleep on her books. She suddenly woke up and started screaming out in terror because she was unable to understand why the other woman was at her house. It took her a while before she was able to get a hold of herself and recognize the woman as her friend who was bewildered by the episode. Nor does the article mention the case of a woman who, having read the article, felt reassured about what had happened to her fifteen year old son. One night she heard a noise. She turned on the lights and saw her son walking around the room with great difficulty. He was unable to speak and explain what he was doing. At first she thought he had been hit by a stroke and did not know what to do. Her husband quickly intervened and they tried to assist him. Later on the son recovered completely and explained that his problems, including a paralysed arm, all began when he woke up. What had happened was that he woke up accidentally without experiencing a dream.

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