/ was born from its authors desire to create a community where people suffering of anxiety and stress disorders can find useful information and exchange their experiences with other users. This site is also a place where professionals and users can meet each others and shorten distances between psychology/psychotherapy world and users' world. Such will comes from the ascertainment that psychological disorders are frequently disregarded, or even underrated; in the meantime it seems to exist a lack of effective and constructive dialog with professionals of this area.

Mastermind of is Dr. Luca Govoni, graduated in Clinical and Community Psychology in academic year 2005/2006 at UniversitÓ degli Studi di Bologna with a bibliographical dissertation concerning affect regulation disorders. Dr. Govoni's dissertation is available in pdf format for anyone interested. Click here to read it.

Since its foundation, this website has grown a lot and has been helpful to for many people who have landed on its pages. In November 2011 we published an ebook that collects the histories of 65 of our forum users who have voluntarily decided to disclose their experience with psychological suffering. The book is available for free here:
Il libro di Nienteansia >>

If you desire to write to's author, please use one of the contact forms located here.

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