Sei introverso o estroverso

Introversion/extroversion test

The following test has been developed by on Carl Gustav Jung's model of introversion and extroversion. It measures one's orientation toward reality. An introvert person organizes reality from inside, always looking into his/her inner part, while an extrovert person elaborates reality starting from external elements, impulses and stimuli.

1 - Your mood is usually:
Mutable || Enough stable || Stable

2 - In noisy environments you feel:
Annoyed || Indifferent || At ease

3 - Toward known people you are:
Distrustful || Indifferent || Trustful

4 - Toward strangers you are:
Tolerant || Indifferent || Critical

5 - In things that concern yourself you are:
Careless || Involved || Meticulous

6 - When things are not going as you planned you are:
Worried || Indifferent || Calm

7 - You prefer to work:
In a group || In a group or alone || Alone

8 - In group situations you stay:
At the outskirts || It doesn't mind || At the centre of attention

9 - When facing a problem you despair:
Easily || Sometimes || Rarely or never

10 - When you have to speak in public, you feel:
Uneasy || Indifferent || At ease

11 - How many hours do you spend alone in a day?
Few || Several || Many

12 - Do you willingly accept social norms?
No || So so || Yes

13 - When you don't like something, you try to:
Avoid it || Change it || Adapt yourself to it

14 - How frequently do you think about disgraces?
Rarely or never || Sometimes || Frequently

15 - How many friends do you have?
0-3 || 4-10 || More than 10

16 - How frequently do you start a conversation with strangers?
Frequently || Sometimes || Rarely

17 - When you make a mistake, you make peace with it:
Hardly || With time || Easily

18 - When something new comes up, you feel:
Afraid || Interested || Excited

19 - When you have a problem you prefer to talk to:
Anyone || Trusted people || No one

20 - When you're in company with people talking about something that you don't know well, you:
Talk anyway || Pose questions || Listen silently
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