Insomnia is a symptom which often accompanies a variety of anxiety disorders. In fact, anxiety itself may often cause what is referred to as 'paraphysiological insomnia', where it becomes impossible to fall asleep (even though one is tired and needs to rest) precisely on account of the fact one is over-anxious about having difficulty in sleeping. Anxiety and stress cause... Continues >>

Although they may in fact be quite capable of coping with the situation, individuals suffering from examination anxiety will tend to ignore their capacity. In this way, relatively insignificant environmental situations are transformed into serious threats that may undermine the success of a test that has to be taken. In particular, people suffering from examination anxiety manifest a series of negative and catastrophic thoughts, which result in the self-induced conviction of not being... Continues >>

Numerous studies have suggested that chronic anxiety can cause biochemical variations in the brain which reproduce the psycho-physiological conditions typical of depression. From a psychological point of view, it is moreover known that difficulties encountered in struggling against the effects of prolonged anxiety can lead to a state of demoralization and thus to a situation which may result in depression. The diagnosis of an episode of depression is in fact determined... Continues >>

The following test, known as the Zung Self-Rating Anxiety Scale, is used to obtain a measurement of 'state' anxiety (the amount of anxiety experienced by the subject on the day or during the period the test is administered). Carefully read the 20 sentences below and choose the answer which best corresponds with your own situation over the last week.
1 - I am more anxious than usual.
2 - I feel afraid for no reason at all.
3 - I get upset easily or feel panicky...
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This instrument was devised by the team for those who would like to test their capacity to cope with stress. The instrument is composed of 25 statements concerning the individual's biological and psycho-social capacity to deal with stress, and for each of these the person to whom the test is being administered may provide an answer corresponding with one of five levels of agreement/disagreement.
1 - I have regular and healthy meals.
2 - I don't smoke cigarettes, cigars and pipe... Continues >>

This type of fear frequently occurs in children when they are separated from persons to whom they are deeply attached and during crucial developmental changes and phases of personal growth. Anxiety presenting in events related to separation is a natural part of the... Continues >>

Anxiety related to sexual performance is a widespread problem in modern society. An increasingly competitive atmosphere now present in society, also between the sexes, and pressure generated by the media concerning everything that has to do with sex can result in performance anxiety, which involves the fear of not being attractive enough or not being virile or feminine enough or, simply, of being unable... Continues >>

Stress can be a powerful factor underlying certain pathological states and when a person can no longer cope with it effectively, there will be a risk of developing some form of psychological and/or physical disorder. 'Coping strategies' are the more or less functional actions and reactions which we all occasionally adopt to deal with stressful situations. A great number of research projects have been carried out... Continues >>

The following test, known as the Zung Self-Rating Depression Scale, measures depressive tendencies presenting at the time the test is administered. Carefully read the 20 sentences below and choose the answer which best corresponds with the way you have been feeling recently.
1 - I feel down-hearted and blue.
2 - Morning is when I feel the best...
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Self-esteem refers to one's self-confidence or the manner in which a person judges and evaluates himself/herself and will generally vary between a very positive and very negative vision of the self. People with low self-esteem, for example, present a low degree of confidence in their skills and abilities. Such individuals often feel insecure, are incapable of counting on their own resources and manifest a variety of fears especially linked to their perception of self-inadequacy and incapacity... Continues >>

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