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Self esteem test

The following test measures one's self esteem level. Self-esteem refers to the evaluation that we make of ourselves, which can be positive or not and depends on how we perceive ourselves in relation to others. An individual with a low self-esteem, for example, tends to undervalue himself and his capacities.

1 - When someone criticises you, your first reaction is:
Shame || Interest || Indifference || Irritation

2 - In relation to the abilities required by your job, you are:
Not much competent || Competent || Very competent

3 - An important person compliments you after a long time, you are:
Astonished || Happy || Irritated

4 - When you think of yourself in the future, you see yourself:
Always on the ball || Serene and realized || Sad and lonely

5 - When something new happens, you feel:
Bored || Interested || Scared

6 - You are the center of attention of a worldly event, you feel:
Embarassed || Interested || At ease

7 - You face an unexpected problem, how do you solve it?
By yourself and immediately || By taking some time to think || With some external help

8 - When your friends have a problem, they entrust it to you:
Sometimes || Frequently || Never

9 - About your plans for the future, do you believe that you'll realize them?
No || Maybe || Yes, surely

10 - Are your affective relations satisfying (friends and partner)?
Not much || Yes, enough || Yes, very much

11 - You have the possibility to make a choice that presents risks but also a lot of advantages. Do you catch immediately this opportunity?
Yes, immediately || Yes, but you're not so sure || No

12 - In new situations, you feel at ease:
Never || Sometimes || Always

13 - A colleague obtains an important advancement, you feel:
Discouraged || Indifferent || Envious

14 - Do you ever think "he/she is better than me"?
Never || Sometimes || Frequently

15 - When you have to sustain a difficult trial, you feel:
Unable || Determined || Confident

16 - When you fail, your responsibility is:
None || Partial || Total

17 - When things go better than you expected, it depends on:
Luck || Yourself, mostly || Yourself, exclusively

18 - An acquaintance reproaches you, you feel:
Shattered || Shaken || Irritated

19 - After a big engagement a friend of yours achieves a success, you feel:
Indifferent || Happy for him || Discouraged

20 - Because of your negligent behaviour another person gets damaged, you feel:
Wrongfully accused || Sorry || Defeated

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