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Are you a winner?

The following test, designed by, is intended to be a pleasant tool to assess certain aspects of one's attitude toward life, and in particular those that have to do with one's own realization. Are you a winner? Or a loser, instead? Let's see what our test decides. Keep in mind that there's nothing (or nearly nothing) objective in this test, so you are kindly requested not to take it too seriously. Touchy people are strongly advised not to take the test.

1 - How do you usually place in competitions (sports, board games, bets with friends, races)?
First || Second || Third and beyond || Last

2 - Do you like to compete with other people?
Much || Enough || Not much || Not at all

3 - When during a game/challenge you notice that someone is stronger than you, do you leave the competition?
No one is stronger than me || Always || Sometimes || Never

4 - Before a trial (a sport, study or work one), do you prepare yourself in the best possible way?
Always || Frequently || Sometimes || Never

5 - Do you feel smarter/stronger than other people, in general?
Always || Sometimes || Rarely || Never

6 - Do other people consider you the best?
Yes || It's not important || I hope so || No

7 - Do you like to boast about your qualities and skills with your friends?
Much || Enough || Not much || Not at all

8 - Do you like to be in the center of attention (being observed, admired, imitated)?
Much || Enough || Not much || Not at all

9 - Do you taunt your opponents/challengers, making them feel "not at your level"?
Frequently || Sometimes || Rarely || Never

10 - Do you happen to invent explanations with the purpose of deceiving other people when your performance is not optimal?
Never || Rarely || Sometimes || Frequently

11 - Would you be able to "cheat" (if the situation permits it with very low risks) in order to reach a success?
Yes, surely || Yes, probably || I don't think so || No, Never

12 - The last ones will be the first after all. Do you agree?
Yes, I agree || I think so || No, I don't

13 - Would you renounce your friends, amusements and shopping for a long period, if this could help you obtain a big reward in a faraway future?
Yes, certainly || Yes, maybe || I don't think so || No, absolutely

14 - Efforts and sacrifices that one faces in life will be surely rewarded, sooner or later. Do you agree?
Much || Enough || Not much || Not at all

15 - It's better to be:
Intelligent and rich || Intelligent and smart || Intelligent and poor ||
Just rich!

16 - It's always the best one that wins. Do you agree?
Not at all || Not much || Enough || Much

17 - We all are potentially able to be winners. Do you agree?
Much || Enough || Not completely || Not at all

18 - Who sweats doubly will also be twice as happy when reaching a success. Do you agree?
Not at all || Not much || Enough || Much

19 - Once a success has been obtained, the best thing to do is:
Being content with it || Boasting about it || Enjoying the success ||
Going on

20 - The best aspect of being a winner is:
Other people's admiration || The fame || The money ||
Personal satisfaction

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