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Are you still a child?

The following test, designed by Noanxiety.com, intends to explore oneís own relationship with the infantile part. In fact, everyone of us possesses some babyish aspects in their character. However, not all of us manifest those aspects in the same way. Thereís who disowns them, who strongly perceives them but needs to repress them, and also who lets them express without any form of control. What kind of relationship do you have with the baby inside you? Find it out with this pleasant test, and keep in mind that this is not a diagnostic instrument. Have fun!

1 - An unexpected surprise made you happy. How would you describe your happiness?
Calm, almost like serenity || Ephemeral, it's going to vanish soon
|| Absolute || You don't know

2 - You made a little mistake and your boss reproved you. You feel:
Quiet, nothing terrible happened || Ashamed, you'd like to disappear
|| Controlled by your boss || You don't really care

3 - Among your infancy memories, how many of them are positive and how many negative?
Mostly positive || Mostly negative || Half and half
|| You have no infancy memories

4 - Deciding what gift to get for a dear person makes you feel:
Stressed || Bored || Joyful || Somehow happy

5 - Receiving a gift makes you:
Excited || Satisfied || Anxious (You'll have to requite)
|| Guilty (you didn't give anything)

6 - A dear friend brought you a present, but you can't open it for few days. What do you do?
You don't think about it, it's not important || You're curious and you shiftily look at it || You shake the package to see if you can understand what's inside it || You open it as soon as you can, than you close it again

7 - A friend asks you to watch his baby for a couple of hours. When you are alone with the baby, you:
Have a lot of fun || Are afraid that something could happen to him
|| Are bothered: why did your friend ask you? || Are at ease but not so interested

8 - Seeing in a shop an old toy that you loved when you were a child, makes you:
Pleasantly nostalgic || Excited: you may even buy it!
|| A little sad || Normal: what's the problem?

9 - Christmas means for you:
A pain in the neck || Sadness || Serenity
|| A good chance to see your family || An occasion to claim things

10 - Do you remember when you wrote your last letter to Santa Claus?
Yes, you were very young || Yes, you were young but not so much
|| No, you never wrote Santa || No, you can't recall it
|| Sure, last Christmas

11 - Do you consider your youth friends as the best you've ever had?
No, you don't even remember them || Not really, but you pleasantly remember them || Yes and No: you were fond of them but they were not true friends || Yes, they're still your best friends

12 - When it rains, it snows, the rainbow shows, do you go near the window to admire it?
Yes, you love it || Not always || No, you don't like it || No, but you'd do it if you had more time

13 - There's that cartoon you loved so much (when you were a child) on tv. Are you going to watch it?
Always, you won't lose a single episode || You'll try to watch it compatibly with your tasks || Rarely || No, you don't care

14 - Are you ready to take charge of your life?
Very much, you're mature || Enough, you're grown up || Not much, you don't feel mature enough yet || No, you hate responsibilities

15 - The presence of your parents, or their memory, makes you fell:
Angry/sad || Indifferent || Serene/nostalgic

16 - World exists because you exist. Do you agree with it?
Very much || Enough || Not much || Not at all

17 -Your loved ones define you:
Rigid || Tender || Childish || Mature

18 - How must an opposite sex person be in order to capture you?
Submissive || Sexy || Reassuring || Playful

19 - How much do you like to satisfy your caprices?
Much, caprices must be satisfied! || Enough, but you satisfy them only sometimes || You have no caprices

20 - How much do children like you?
Much || Enough || Not much || Not at all

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