1. What type of engine is the one shown below?


2. In a four stroke engine, the combustion phase takes place every:

3. Spark plugs are needed in:

4. Can you identify the architecture of the engine shown below?

Aprilia engine

5. What is the "stoichiometric ratio"?

6. When was the first gas engine built?

7. What is the camshaft needed for?

8. What is the "bore"?

9. And the "stroke"?

10. Motorcycle's gearbox is usually:

11. Which oil viscosity is better in warm cilmates?

12. There are dry clutches and oil-bath clutches. Is it true?

13. What does the "differential" do?

14. How does two-stroke engine lubrication work?

15. What is the "torque" of an engine?

16. What is the so-called "engine knocking"?

17. Which motorcycle manufacturer uses the desmodromic distribution in most of its models?

18. The turbocharger is activated by:

19. If you install a bigger front sprocket in your motorcycle, what effect do you obtain?

20. What does the power brake system do?

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