1. What does "WWW" stand for?

2. When were the first informatic networks conceived?

3. When was the first internet connection service offered?

4. What does ISP mean?

5. What is the "@" symbol used for:

6. What is a domain name?

7. What does DNS stand for?

8. HTML is the acronym for:

9. HTTP stands for:

10. What is a Top Level Domain?

11. Where are websites located?

12. PHP: what is it?

13. What was the name of the first public browser?

14. An IP address is:

15. Why do we use domain names instead of IP addresses?

16. E-mail services were available even before internet became public. Is it true?

17. Which one of the following web sites appeared first?

18. What was the top speed of first analogical modems?

19. What is the function of WAP system?

20. Who is the inventor of the WWW system?

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