1. How is the fear of being poisoned called?

2. Someone that is scared of loneliness, is:

3. The fear of social relationships is called:

4. Some people are really scared of insects. They suffer from:

5. Big heights may provoke:

6. Even a cat can generate a phobia, if you are:

7. What about evil toads? They provoke:

8. People being scared of confined spaces suffer from:

9. Some phobias are really bizarre, such as Dromophobia. What is it?

10. Some other phobias are totally absurd, such as Euphobia. Do you know what it is?

11. A bad marriage could lead you to develop:

12. Fear of lakes. How is it called?

13. The fear of deformity is called:

14. Fear of women is:

15. Neophobia is:

16. Necrophobia is surely a popular fear. What is it?

17. While Selenophobia does not afflict many people, hopefully. What is it?

18. Anyway, someone is even afraid of heaven! This fear is called:

19. Naturally hell frightens too. Especially people that are:

20. Then there are people afraid of strangers and foreigners. This phobia is called:

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