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Assertiveness: having the courage to be oneself

April 21st, 2008 by admin | Posted in Psychology | Comments Off on Assertiveness: having the courage to be oneself | 5,258 views | Print this Article

Above all, being assertive means respecting oneself. The capacity to initiate constructive and healthy interpersonal relationships based on a sense of mutual respect can only develop from a deep respect for oneself, for one’s individuality and one’s uniqueness. Our relationships with other people are often difficult, not very clearly defined and can also be a source of anxiety. This is nothing other than the result of misunderstandings caused by an inability to relate to others in an open and honest manner.

If we are not honest with ourselves, how can be expect to be sincere with other people? Assertiveness implies understanding our own individual way of being, accepting it and not being afraid of revealing it to the people around us. By hiding our true self we will only generate misunderstanding and a sense of malaise within interpersonal relationships. Read the rest of this entry »