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Services for users

The following services are free and can be used by anyone.

Service 1: Send me a notification for every new article

Just write your email address in the following form to receive a notification each time a new article is published. This is ideal for anyone that desires to read all our articles as soon as they are published.

Service 2: Notify me every new comment

If you leave a comment to an article you may be interested in reading other users’ answers to your message. In this case, when you are about to send the comment, remember to select the “Notify me of followup comments via e-mail” field that you can find after below the comment textarea. You’ll receive a notification email every time a new comment is posted after yours.

Service 3: Send articles as PDF to email box

You can send yourself any article published in our database. If you want to read an article later, or if you just want to have it on your computer, you have the possibility to send it to your email box. The article will be converted to PDF format to increase its compatibility, and sent to your email address. At the end of each article you’ll notice a little form named “Send article by email”; just type in your email address and click “Send”. You can see an example of the form below.

PDF    Send article as PDF