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Our Self Image

July 31st, 2008 by Guru Drijtka | Posted in Psychology | No Comments » | 3,088 views | Print this Article

The picture of how we see ourselves and not the one other sees it becomes an important key of our life. Following this self image we behave accordingly the way we think we are and as long as we keep that picture in our mind there’s nothing we can do to change, not by will power, commitment or determination. So the logical step here is to change the way we see ourselves, but that sure sounds easier said than done. In order to transform our self picture we must first understand the way this image comes alive in our mind. We start drawing this picture right from the birth when we make our first impressions about life by collecting idea after idea regarding what we think is good or bad, beautiful or ugly, smart or dumb. And through repetition, these sometimes false concepts, keeps getting deeper and deeper into our mind and so we start adding them to the canvas one by one illustrating the painting of what we think we are. Depending on the believes we gathered along our life our self image can bring us success and happiness in life or on the other hand failure and misery. But this image is NOT who we are… it’s who we THINK we are. And to find out who we really are we must start questioning our believes that were imprinted in our thoughts all our lives… and when your believe system falls apart you will be ready to receive the truth about yourself: “you are spiritually whole, complete and perfect”. This higher state of being cannot be destroyed no matter what life trows at us; it’s in all of us, we just have to find it and once we found it we must channel it through our thoughts. Often people are mislead by thinking they are what they do… remember we are spiritually perfect but in many cases what we do is not perfect. Luckily we can change all that by positive thinking and affirmation of self perfection. This will transform what we do in perfection and since we are creators and we live through our creations… we can enjoy living our perfect life!

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