The following test is based on few simple questions that can help you identifying and measuring your alcohol addiction level. It's a generic test, which does not investigate the specific type of abuse (wine, beer, liquors etc.). Of course it has no diagnostic value and its result is purely indicative. Alcohol abuse is clearly dangerous, like every other addiction, but the worst thing about it is that it can also hurt innocent people in many ways, especially if it's associated with a reckless personality. Tragic news stories remind us about that all the time...

Please answer sincerely and honestly the following questions.

1 - With what frequency do you drink alcoholic beverages (beer, wine, cocktails etc.)?
Less than once a week || Once a week || Two or three times a week || Every day or almost

2 - How much do you drink when you consume alcoholic beverages?
One can/glass || Two cans/glasses || Three cans/glasses || More than three cans/glasses

3 - Do you only drink when you are with other people, or even when alone?
Only with other people || Mostly with other people || Mostly alone

4 - Have you ever forgotten facts happened before starting drinking?
Never || Once || Sometimes || Many times

5 - Are you ever unable to stop drinking even when you know you should?
Never || Sometimes || Often || Always

6 - Have you ever missed an appointment/commitment because of too much drinking?
Never || Once || A couple of times || Often

7 - In what part of the day do you drink?
All day long || In the afternoon and in the evening || Only in the evening and never before dinner time

8 - Have you ever caused problems or accidents because of an altered state due to drinking (road accidents, fights, violent arguments etc.)?
Never || Once || More than once

9 - Have you ever felt guilty after drinking?
Never || Once || A couple of times || Often

10 - Have you ever been told to drink less or even quit drinking at all?
Never || Once || Twice or more

11 - Have you ever tried to quit drinking alcoholic beverages?
Never || Once || Sometimes || Often

12 - Have you ever been hospitalised after heavy drinking?
Never || Once || A couple of times || Often

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