Assertiveness test

The following test has been developed by to give you the possibility to verify your assertiveness level. Being assertive means assigning importance to your needs, rights and desires and trying to satisfy them. While trying to satisfy them the assertive person does not damage or override others' rights and needs.

1 - When someone does not keep a promise, you:
Get angry || Ask for an explanation

2 - You are unfairly blamed for something you didn't do. You:
Don't say anything || Gently complain || Get angry

3 - A colleague asks you to cover his turn on your birthday. You:
Accept || Decline firmly || Get angry

4 - You worked very hard and your deserts are not recognized. You:
Keep silent and get frustrated || Point it out || Get angry

5 - After leaving the shop you notice that they gave you a lower change. You:
Won't buy there anymore || Point it out || Make a scene

6 - Your best friend makes fun of you in front of other people. Maybe he exaggerates a bit. You:
Don't say anything || Tell him about it || Get angry with him

7 - How do other people treat you, in your opinion?
Unfairly || Respectfully

8 - During a work meeting you notice that you're the only one to see things that way. What do you do?
Make up your mind || Remain firm on your position

9 - During an animated arguing, you feel:
Attacked || Balanced

10 - You need to take an important decision together with other people. You:
Hesitate || Tell your opinion || Demonstrate you're right

11 - Do you happen to leave work and think that you underwent some injustices?
Frequently || Sometimes || Never

12 - Would you accomplish dangerous acts just to please someone?
Frequently || Sometimes || Never

13 - Do you ever let your group convince you to do things that you don't like?
Frequently || Sometimes || Never

14 - If you happen to have doubts about your partner's behaviour, what do you do?
You keep them to yourself || You explain them to your partner

15 - Does your "No" ever become "Maybe" and eventually "Yes"?
Frequently || Sometimes || Never

16 - Once you have taken a decision, the probability that someone can make you change it, is:
High || Low || None

17 - You're ready to leave work when they give you a big job to do. You:
Just do it || Get angry || Tell them you're leaving

18 - You notice that your group of friends considers you a little "weak". You:
Don't say anything || Ask for an explanation || Get angry

19 - A dear friend calls you while you're enjoying your dinner. You:
Don't say anything || Ask him to call later || Get angry

20 - Compared with other people, you would define yourself:
Passive || Energetic || A leader

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