Cell phone addiction test

Nowadays cell phones are widespread instruments and no one pays attention to them anymore. However just few years ago they did not exist. Their arrival completely changed our way of communicating with other human beings: in some cases they improved it, in some other cases they dehumanized and impoverished it. In fact cell phones created a totally new form of addiction which was unknown until later 90ies. Test yourself and find out how much influence cell phones apply on you. Please note that this test does not possess a diagnostic value and its result should not considered absolute. Answer all questions, or your result won't be accurate!

1 - How do you prefer to communicate?
Lots of sms || Sms and phone calls || Mainly phone calls || Only phone calls

2 - Do you like to send and receive rings on your cell phone?
Very much || Enough || Not much || Not at all

3 - At school, at cinema, at conferences your cell phone is:
Shut off untill the end || Turned on but you don't use it || Turned on and you check it || Turned on and you use it

4 - When you go out with friends or family members, your cell phone:
Rarely rings or is shut off || Rings from time to time || Frequently rings for calls and messages

5 - How many contacts do you have in your address book?
Just a few || Not few, not many || Many || So many that you can't remember them all

6 - Would you feel comfortable if going out without your cell phone?
Yes, completely || Yes, but you'd prefer to have it with you
|| No, but you think you could get along anyway || No, you wouldn't feel well

7 - How many sim cards do you possess?
One for each operator || 3 || 2 || 1

8 - Do you use sms promotions?
You don't care about them || From time to time || Every time you can!

9 - Do you possess more than one cell phone?
Yes, you possess 3-4 || Yes, you possess 2 || No, you possess 1

10 - Have you ever wondered how people got along with life in the past, when there were no cell phones. What do you think about it?
Life would be crazy without cell phones! || They probably got along well even without cell phones || Maybe they lived even better...

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