Envy is a latent feeling that usually acts in a quiet and indirect manner. Nevertheless, when it reaches very high levels of intensity it causes envious people a lot of suffering. Being a feeling that does not show itself, that is undeclared, undefined, or obvious, such joy or affection, itís sometimes confused with other emotions. The envious, therefore, are not always aware of being so. It should also be added that envy can be directed towards a person, or a group of people in particular, or be generalised. Generalised envy is devastating because it makes people perpetually unsatisfied and makes them suffer, as well as constantly looking for something indefinite that in their personal view of things should fill the need they feel. Envy becomes manifest when its intensity reaches a peak so high as to push the person to act against others. In fact, a very envious person is not content with getting things that belong to others, but at the same time wish the people that are envied to lose everything they have. At this point the term "envy" should perhaps be replaced with another more appropriate term, such as "malignancy" or "perfidy". However, before affecting others, envy acts on the envious, greatly tormenting them. Living with a constant need to have what you donít have means intense suffering.

1 - Have you ever felt unluckier than others?
Absolutely not, you make your own luck
I donít think so, but I think that there are people who are less fortunate than others
Yes, it has happened to me, even if itís not a habit
Yes, other people are always luckier than me!

2 - Do you find that some people have more than they deserve?
No, you always get what you deserve
No, although some people really do have a lot
Yes, I think they should be happy with what they have more often

3 - Have you ever wanted to be like another person?
No, never!
Maybe in the past, but not anymore
Yes, but only in particular moments of my life
Yes, I often feel this way

4 - Do you find that rich people are happier than "normal" people?
No, why should they be!
No, but money helps even if it doesnít bring happiness
Yes, the rich have fewer problems and more freedom
Yes, itís not possible to be happy without money

5 - Are you a competitive person?
Yes, but mostly on important occasions
Yes, I always want to win!
Generally no, but I can be if necessary
No, not at all

6 - What kind of person do you like the most from the following list?
A modest person, who is not wealthy but happy with what they have
A person who is poor but kind-hearted
Someone who is famous but not rich
Someone who is famous and rich

7 - What do you think when an acquaintance receives a benefit (for example, a promotion, a legacy etc.)?
Goodness, how lucky!
Why do some things always happen to others!?
Good for them, even if they have not done anything to deserve it
I'm happy for them!

8 - Do you think that envy is a widespread feeling?
Yes, everyone feels envious sooner or later
Yes, quite a lot, more for some and less for others
No, luckily there arenít many envious people around
Not at all

9 - Have you ever wanted to steal or ruin something that is not yours?
No, never
Maybe in the past, but not anymore
Yes, but has happened a few times
Yes, it happens often

10 - In a relationship, what mainly holds two people together is: (choose from the following)
Wanting to be like everyone else

11 - You only get what you are willing to give. Whatís your opinion?
I disagree, I always demand as much as possible
I agree but not completely, sometimes you can ask for a little more
I agree, even though some people always seem to get more
I totally agree, giving and taking are complementary

12 - Would you be willing to take something from someone, if it was really important to you?
No, never
No, but if I could do it without hurting the other person too much...
Yes, I certainly would
Yes, but only if it was really crucial for my well-being

13 - Have you ever desired another personís partner?
Yes, and I was able to get him/her as well!
Yes, it has happened to me, even if nothing came of it
Maybe once, but it was an exceptional case
No, never!

14 - If you had to choose a car, which of the following criteria would be more important to you?
I would like a better and more expensive car than those of my friends
I would like a dream model, even if it is expensive and impractical
I would like it to be comfortable and practical, but with some original accessories
I want a car that is comfortable with no frills, and above all reliable

15 - Have you ever bought something, had a vacation, or tried a new experience with the main purpose of arousing envy in your acquaintances?
No, never
No, but I have sometimes thought about doing it
Yes, once or twice
Yes, numerous times

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