Greed is usually thought of as something related to money. However, perhaps the most pernicious form of avarice is sentimental. Just as a stingy person is very sparing and coldly calculates what he/she gives, in the same way a miser of feelings is incapable of giving his/her affection and emotions to others spontaneously and - more importantly - without making it a simple matter of giving and take. The downside of sentimental greed is what a miser feels, not the sufferings of his/her "victims". Being stingy with feelings is equivalent to denying any pleasure from sharing with others. Love is not possible in a situation of this kind. And even friendship cannot fully develop in such a situation. Anything that requires spontaneity is subject to calculation and self-interest, thus becoming something unnatural, contrived and unpleasant. The following test intends to investigate the general level of a personís avarice, probing its venal, as well as affective, aspects.

1 - Do you ever give gifts to your loved ones without a specific reason (and therefore outside of birthdays, anniversaries, holidays)?
No, why should I?
Generally no, but it has happened a few times in the past
Yes, I do it to repay their gifts
Yes, I like giving unexpected gifts a lot!

2 - When you buy an item/product, do you choose it mainly taking into account:
If itís a bargain
Its overall quality
The quality/price ratio

3 - Those who spend less, spend more. Whatís your opinion on this saying?
Itís nonsense. Saving is fundamental
I wouldnít know, but in any case I prefer to spend less
In some cases it's true: a good investment can help you save in the future
I agree: itís better to pay more now to not have to do it later...

4 - Do you get any pleasure when you let yourself buy something "expensive" (something that you have perhaps been waiting to be able to buy for quite some time)?
I try never to buy expensive things
Not much, I feel uncomfortable and I feel guilty
Yes, but I try not to overdo "expensive" purchases
Yes, I experience a pleasurable feeling of freedom and satisfaction

5 - How do you feel when you receive an unexpected gift?
Discomfort: sooner or later I will have to return the favour
Embarrassment: I am taken aback
Surprised: I didnít expect it
Joy: It's nice that others remember me

6 - Money is made to be spent. Do you agree?
Not at all: the money is made to make savings
Not very much: you have to buy things but without overdoing it
Yes, more or less: itís right to enjoy what you have earned every now and then
Absolutely: living to accumulate money doesnít make sense

7 - Anonymous personage wrote: <<A miser is someone who lives like a poor man for fear of poverty>>. Whatís your opinion?
I donít agree: there's nothing wrong with living thriftily
A person who lives modestly is not necessarily stingy
Itís reasonably true: some people lead a miserable life for no reason
I totally agree: saving on everything is not living!

8 - What is the best aspect of having a certain amount of money at your disposal?
Being able to put it aside
Being able to pay debts
Being able to face life with greater peace of mind
Being able to do something enjoyable together with loved ones

9 - Do you ever measure the affection you give to other people depending on your expectations towards them? (i.e. if you expect a lot from a person you tend to treat them better, but if you donít expect anything, you tend to treat them with disdain)
No, never: itís not possible to level love
No, even if not everyone deserves to be loved
Yes, but only with friends and acquaintances, not family members
Of course, it seems perfectly normal to me

10 - Have you ever loved someone, or to care for someone a lot, without your sentiments being returned?
Of course, you cannot control your feelings
Yes, and it was very painful
Not usually: I try not to bond with those who donít show interest in me
No never, I only bond with those who show interest in me

11 - You only get what you are willing to give. Do you agree?
I disagree, I have a right to certain things
I donít entirely agree, sometimes you can get more than you give
I agree, although some people seem to get more than they deserve
I agree completely; generosity is rewarded

12 - Do you have the habit of sharing expenses with your friends when you go out with them? (For example, the petrol, food, etc.).
No, Iím absolutely indifferent to it
No, but when it comes it gets expensive everyone pays their share
Yes, I prefer to share expenses
Yes, of course, it doesnít seem fair to pay for others!

13 - Do you ever offer something to a friend? (For example a drink, dinner, etc.)
No, I donít want people to think that I have the habit of offering things!
Not usually, but it may have happened once or twice in the past
Yes, but not too often
Yes, I often do!

14 - Do you ever lend something to others? (e.g. CDs, DVDs, various objects)
Yes, I love to share my things with friends
Yes, but only people I trust
Not very often, I'm pretty jealous of my things
No never, I care too much about my things to lend them to others!

15 - Do you trust people easily?
No, I only trust them if they prove to be people worthy of my trust
Not right away, it takes a little time
Yes, I trust people immediately, but I always keep my eyes open
Yes, I immediately trust people completely

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