For some of us, distances, and measurements are completely subjective! One metre, 10 metres, 500 g, 2 kg... just a point of view! And how good is your perception of space, distances and weights? This short test will try to test your perception. So let's see if your perceptions are accurate or not! Obviously we advise not to use aids of any kind while completing the test...

Have fun!

1 - Observe the following two lines. Which one is the longest?

Black line || Red line || They are the same length

2 - Observe the following blue circle. Can you calculate its circumference?

12 cm || 7 cm || 21 cm

3 - A and B are two spheres. The volume of B is:

About a half of A's volume || About 1/3 of A's volume || Less than 1/4 of A's volume

4 - How much may this automobile weigh (Fiat 500)?

500 kg || A ton || Two tons

5 - How long may this car be (Fiat Grande Punto)?

About 4 metres || About 6 metres || About 3 metres

6 - Knowing that the tallest person in the following picture is 180 cm, how tall may the shortest persone be?

175 cm || 158 cm || 168 cm

7 - What is the distance between these two cars?

About 50 cm || About 1 metre || About 25 cm

8 - What is the perimeter of the following green square?

About 10 cm || About 22 cm || About 15 cm

9 - How much does a 50-euro banknote weigh?

1 gram || 10 grams || 0,1 grams

10 - Carefully observe the following image. Could automobile C be parked between automobile A and automobile B?

Yes, there's enough room || No, the room is not enough

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