Talking about nationalism in the present day may seem anachronistic, but it happens from time to time that certain events brought to the forefront by the media, or sports and cultural events of broad interest, produce patriotic and nationalistic reactions in the masses. A classic example of this is the World Cup. But not only that. The concept of nationalism was born in the nineteenth century, following the new popular sentiments which arose from the French Revolution. Nationalism is possible where there is a state or a nation. An identification with a nation produces strong feelings of belonging, something similar to what happens in supporting a sports team. Often the avid fan uses the pronoun "we" talking about his team, as if he/she was an active part of it. Nationalism is motivated precisely by this feeling of being part of something bigger. There is no longer an individual with ideas and motivations, but a nation as a group of people together who share feelings, ideas and objectives. This test, however, is not aimed at getting into the specifics of the political ideas of individuals. Its objective is to measure the level the user identifies with his/her country.

1 - Are you satisfied with the country in which you live?
No, I donít like it
Not particularly, although I do my best to make it better
Yes, I'm fine with it
Yes a lot, and I personally commit myself to its well-being

2 - Do you think that there are more advanced countries than yours in cultural and social terms?
Yes, there are countries a whole lot better
Yes, but each country has its bad side
Perhaps, but I think my country is one of the best
I donít think there could be a better country

3 - What makes a country great? (Choose from the following)
Its political leadership
The sense of identity of its inhabitants
National values
Its laws

4 - Given the choice between a product made in your country and one made in a foreign country, for the same price, which would you choose? (For example an automobile, a household appliance, or food)?
Absolutely the one made in a foreign country
I donít pay much attention to these things, I choose randomly
I generally prefer products made in my country
I much prefer products made in my country

5 - Do you think your country should take more care in the preservation of national traditions?
No, I hate traditions
No, it does it enough
Yes, but without overdoing it
Absolutely, national traditions are important

6 - Do you think that the national identity is fading in recent times?
No, I donít believe in such things as national identity
No, I think that the level of national identity is sufficient
Yes, but the situation seems under control for the time being
Yes, unfortunately!

7 - Do you feel protected by the state?
No, not at all
No, not really
Yes, quite a lot
Of course, I absolutely do

8 - Are you actively involved in the community in which you live? (For example, do you participate in town hall meetings, civic events and things like that?)
No, not at all
Yes, quite often
Yes, I'm very committed to my community

9 - Do you consider your countryís cuisine better than foreign ones?
No, in fact I prefer other cuisines
Not always, even if I think itís good
Generally, yes
Yes, I absolutely do

10 - Do you support your countryís athletes during the Olympic Games and world competitions?
No, never
No, but only because the sports do not interest me
Yes, almost always
Of course, always!

11 - Do you think itís right for your country to allow other countries to take eminent personalities, such as researchers and other talented individuals?
What's wrong with it?
Yes, although sometimes itís a pity
Not much, I think we should try to keep them at home
Not at all, itís a serious mistake

12 - Whatís your opinion about the phenomenon of immigration? (Choose from the following options)
Itís a good thing, it should be encouraged more
It can be a good thing
It depends, generally, it should be kept more under control
It should be contained, if not even stopped

13 - Do you believe that your countrymen possess a sufficiently developed national consciousness?
Iím indifferent
I wouldnít know, I have never thought about it seriously
I donít think so, although I think that a national consciousness exists
No, it should definitely be enhanced

14 - Do you think your country should do everything possible to become economically and culturally independent of other states?
No, in fact it should go in the opposite direction
No, it would not be possible
Yes, although I think this kind of independence is utopian
Of course, it should be one of the countryís main objectives

15 - Some people think that nationalism is synonymous with racism and lack of tolerance towards those who are different from us. Whatís your opinion?
I think it's true
I wouldnít know, I've never thought about this issue
I donít think so, in general itís about extremes
What idiocy! This is silly and superficial thinking

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