Nicotine addiction test

The following test presents 10 simple questions aimed at verifying you level of addiction to nicotine/smoking. It has no therapeutic value and it doesn't give any you valid aids in quitting smoking. The best possible help in defeating this dependence comes from yourself, and in particular from you willpower. There are no effective methods that can work without the participation of your willpower.

1 - How many cigarettes do you smoke daily (averagely)?
Less than 10 || 11 - 20 || 21 - 30 || More than 30

2 - What's the nicotine content of the cigarettes you usually smoke?
Less than 0.9 mg || Between 1 and 1.2 mg || More than 1.2 mg

3 - Do you mostly smoke in the morning or in the rest of the day?
In the morning || In the rest of the day

4 - How much time do you wait between your wakening and the first cigarette?
Few minutes || 30-60 minutes || 1-2 hours || More than 2 hours

5 - Do you encounter difficulties in respecting smoking prohibitions?
No difficulties || Some difficulties || A lot of difficulties

6 - Do you happen to finish all your cigarettes?
Never || Sometimes || Frequently

7 - How would you feel if you had no more cigarettes in your pocket and you could not buy or borrow any?
Very upset || A little irritated || Normal

8 - Do you usually smoke slowly or rapidly?
Always slowly || Always rapidly || It depends on circumstances

9 - Do you inhale smoke?
Never || Sometimes || Frequently/Always

10 - Do you smoke when you're sick?
Never || Sometimes || Frequently/Always

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