Optimism/pessimism test

The following test has been developed by Noanxiety.com to permit you to verify your level of optimism or pessimism. What's your general attitude toward life and future? If you're an optimist you probably see the world through a positive filter, while if you're pessimistic you probably tend to see things through a gray scale.

1 - Do you expect a lot of difficulties in your future?
Yes || Some difficulties || No

2 - In general you believe that things tend to:
Get worse || Remain the same || Get better

3 - What do you take into consideration the most, negative things or positive things?
Negative things || Both || Positive things

4 - About your plans, how do you see them in the future?
Realized || Improved and realized || Failed

5 - In life, things tend to:
Get fixed || Remain as they are || Get worse

6 - Is it possible that something positive happens by chance?
No || It could be || Yes, frequently

7 - Before starting a new important project you think that it will:
Be successful || I can't predict it || Go wrong

8 - How do you imagine the future?
Sad || Interesting || Lovely

9 - Do you see any positive aspects in troubles?
No || Sometimes || Always

10 - When things are going well you expect them to:
End soon || Last for some time || Last forever

11 - Do you consider the world a nice place to live in?
Yes, absolutely || Yes and no || No

12 - Do you think that you should not get too involved in things because they are going to end, sooner or later?
Yes || Generally no || Never

13 - Are there more troubles or satisfactions in life?
Troubles || A little of both || Satisfactions

14 - Do you expect to face new difficulties soon?
Never || Sometimes || Frequently

15 - When you start a new activity you expect yourself to:
Fail || Be able to make it || Be successful

16 - In order to avoid disappointments, do you force yourself to have low expectations?
Absolutely not || Sometimes it's necessary || Yes

17 - Have you got a lot of plans for your future?
None || One or two || Many

18 - Do you trust humankind?
No || Yes, in general || Always

19 - Does it always happen something bad when you're close to reach a success?
No, never || Generally no || Yes, always

20 - Do you believe that mankind will face more violence, wars and injustices in the future?
Absolutely no || No, but I'm not sure || Yes

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