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Practical intelligence test

The following test measures one's practical abilities in everyday situations. Find out how much good sense you possess. Are you able to get away with little/big problems that you encounter daily? Can you adapt yourself to different contexts and find the best way to act? Read our questions and reflect on them before answering. Please be sincere!

1 - You're at home when a fire starts, but you have never used an extinguisher before and you're not sure about how to use it. What's your first move?
You scream in order to be heard || You try to use the extinguisher anyway
|| You call the firemen and wait

2 - You see your neighbours' child leaning on his balcony on a higher floor. He seems to lean too much. What do you do?
You move your hands in order to be noticed by him || You call him and tell not to lean that way || You warn his parents by phone

3 - It's summer, nights are very hot. Before going to sleep you leave:
All your windows open || Your bedroom's window open || A small opening in all windows

4 - It's winter, it's very cold. The temperature in your house is:
18-20 °C / 64-68 °F || 21-22 °C / 70-72 °F || Above 22 °C / 72 °F

5 - Your salary has been significantly decreased. What do you renounce?
Expensive nights out || New clothes || Food

6 - It's summer, it's very hot. When do you open windows to aerate:
When you remember to do it || Early morning and evening || Afternoon

7 - You are looking after your one year old nephew, when the phone located in another room rings. What do you do?
You leave the baby on the floor with his toys || You answer the phone and try to watch the baby from the other room || You bring the baby with you

8 - You are driving on the highway when you realize you have a flat tire. You've never changed a tire, what do you do?
You read the manual and try to do it || You stop a car and ask for help || You call a tow truck

9 - You find a giant spider in your bedroom, what do you do?
You scream and run away || You ask someone for help || You try to kill it with some tool || You calmly try to let it out

10 - A dear friend calls you while you are participating in an important work reunion. You:
Leave the reunion with an excuse || Send a sms message to tell him you'll call him back later || Turn off your cell phone: you forgot to do it before!

11 - There's a great party tonight, but tomorrow morning you will have an examination. You:
Stay home: the examination is more important || Go to the party and try to come home early || Go to the party and have fun all night long

12 - It's your birthday and you have high fever. What do you do?
You take a pill and go out to celebrate || You postpone the party
|| You invite your best friends to your home

13 - You are in your office writing an important document, when your computer gets stuck. The first thing you do is:
Trying to save the document || Thinking of a possible solution || Restarting your computer

14 - Your son comes home from school with a demerit point. You:
Immediately call his teachers to ask for explanations || Ask your son for an explanation || Punish him

15 - You drank too much and it's time to go home. You're with your car. You:
Ask someone else to bring you home || Drive slowly and carefully
|| Drive: your reflexes improve with alcohol

16 - Your partner is very pale and doesn't feel well, but also insists on going out. You:
Try to convince him/her that it's better to stay home
|| Go out with him/her, so you can keep an eye on him/her || Let him/her go: why not?

17 - You're organizing your wedding and you don't have much money at your disposal, but you want a princely reception anyway. What do you do?
You get a loan || You ask your parents for money || You do the best you can with the money you have

18 - Your girlfriend (or yourself, if you are a woman) skipped the last period:
It's probably some stress... || It's better to do a checkup || Well, let's forget about it

19 - Your mother is sick and needs continuous cares. Summer has come and you'd like to take a vacation. What do you do?
You forget your vacation and stay with her || You take the vacation and leave your mother alone
|| You hospitalize her and take your vacation

20 - It's time to choose your university. How do you choose it?
Depending on your parents' wishes || Depending on your desires/interests || Depending on the university's prestige

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