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Pride test

Are you pride of yourself? This nice and quick test will give you an estimate of your self-pride level, which is the mood you are in when you do something good. Pride is a positive emotion, it increases one's self-esteem and self-confidence, but it can easily exceed and produce negative effects. Possessing too much self-pride leads to arrogance and ostentation. Let's see how self-proud you are!

1 - You had an argument with a friend, and you start thinking that you were wrong. What do you do?
You call him back to confess your mistake || You call him to clarify
|| You wait for him to call back anyway

2 - You admit your faults:
Never || Even when you're not wrong || Only when you're wrong

3 - In arguments, who is usually right?
The other person || It depends || You

4 - How easily do you talk about your feelings?
Very easily || It depends on the situation || Hardly

5 - People that know you think that you are:
Not proud of yourself || Proud of yourself when necessary || Very proud of yourself

6 - Have you ever avoided a person after a silly argument?
Never || Once || More than once

7 - When someone offends you, what's your reaction?
You feel mortified and keep silent || You immediately ask for an explanation || You get angry and prepare a revenge

8 - You run into an acquaintance of yours and he seems to avoid you on purpose. You:
You greet him jovially || You greet him as you always do
|| You snub him

9 - Do you ever feel better than other people?
Never || Sometimes || Frequently

10 - Do you ever boast about your achievements and results with your friends?
Never || Sometimes || Frequently

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