The reliability we try to measure with this test is part of a personís character. Thus, we donít want to identify a specific type of reliability, which may relate to professionalism, but a kind of general attitude towards life and towards others. We believe that an individual who has a reliable nature tends to behave in a certain manner within any existential circumstance, whether itís the relationship with your partner, work or relationships with others generally. It is unlikely that a very reliable and precise individual will behave in irresponsibly and superficially when dealing with loved ones or in the workplace. Similarly, we consider it to be unlikely that a person who is hasty and rough with their families will prove to be precise and prompt professionally. The reliability we wish to investigate in the following test therefore represents a character trait of an individual; a trait that is generally constant over time, although easily modified through a strong effort of will. So let's see if you're someone who is meticulous and careful, or easy-going, careless and hasty!

1 - Do you arrive on time for appointments (whether commitments imposed from the outside, or voluntary encounters with friends/relatives)?
No, I tend to arrive at least 15-20 minutes late
Not often, but Iím never more than 5-10 minutes late
Quite often, Iím rarely late
Yes, Iím always on time

2 - Do you ever make commitments that you cannot complete due to lack of time or will?
Yes, often
Yes, but rarely
No, with very few exceptions
No, never

3 - You are given a quite challenging task. How do you approach it?
You take the time to plan everything and then start
You begin immediately, looking for the best way to do it along the way
You donít rush, perhaps postponing it, since there's no rush...
You start right away to be able to finish as soon as possible and get it out of the way!

4 - You are gently rebuked for a little mistake you made at work. What do you think about it?
Who cares!
I did not deserve to be told off for so little...
Patience, things happen, I will try to be more careful
It will not happen again now that I know where I went wrong

5 - You have an important exam the next day, but your friends have organised one of those nights out you like so much for that very evening. What do you do?
You go out with friends and stay with them until the end of the evening, even if it gets late
You go out with friends while keeping an eye on the time so as not to be too late
You reluctantly stay at home and go to bed early regretting you have missed a night out
You stay at home, there will be time to go out after the exam!

6 - Those who want too much end up with nothing. What do you think about it?
Itís rubbish, itís right to want as much as possible
I donít entirely agree, although itís basically true
It seems a sensible and very current saying to me
I find it true, in fact itís not the quantity but the quality that makes the difference

7 - A friend asks you for a favour that is very important to him/her, except that to please him/her you will have to do without something you care a lot about. What would you do?
I would tell my friend I'm sorry but I cannot help
I would explain my situation to my friend hoping that he/she will understand
I reluctantly give up what I wanted to do and help my friend. What a pain though!
Friendship comes first, I would help my friend and forget about what I wanted to do

8 - Are you someone who often makes promises to others?
Yes, even if I forget about them!
Yes, and I try to keep them as much as possible
No, I only make promises Iím sure I can keep
No, thereís no need to make promises

9 - If you won a large sum of money, how would you use it?
I would try to use it to have as much fun as possible!
I would buy the things I want and save whatever is left over
I would give gifts to my loved ones and spend the rest on myself
I would pay off my debts, help loved ones in need, and save the rest

10 - When you have the possibility of delegating a tedious job to another person, what do you do?
I immediately ask them to do it for me!
I explain that in the meantime I will dedicate myself to something else and pass them the task
I would feel guilty to ask him/her to do it for me, so I would avoid it
If the job is meant to be for me then I should do it, even if itís boring

11 - Are you a person who behaves in a serious and responsible manner?
No, I hate people who are too serious!
I'm serious in regard to important things
I think I behave pretty seriously
Either youíre reliability or not: if you are then itís natural to behave responsibly

12 - Do you find it important to behave consistently?
No, consistency doesnít exist!
Not very much, there are more important things
Yes, itís rather important
Yes, itís fundamental in relationships with others

13 - A reliable person is a person who: (choose from the following)
Doesnít talk behind peopleís backs
Knows how to listen
Says what he/she thinks and does what he/she says
Has a deep respect for others

14 - Important things require a lot of effort, and sometimes sacrifice, in order to do and maintain them. Whatís your opinion?
Why should that be so?
Maybe sometimes, but itís not always so
Yes, it's usually the way it works
Absolutely. Nothing is given to us for free and nothing should be taken for granted

15 - Which of the following positive characteristics would you never let go?
Outer beauty

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