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Sincerity test

The purpose of the following test is to measure one's level of sincerity. Are you sincere with others? Do you ever tell white lies (or big lies!)? The situations presented by this test are likely, this mean that they may happen in real life. Of course you have to be sincere at least when answering our questions... If you are planning to lie, don't even take the test!

1 - You took a cake from the refrigerator and ate it; after a while you find out that the cake had been prepared for your arriving guests... You
Deny that the cake was in the refrigerator || Deny your responsibility
|| Admit your fault

2 - A dear friend of yours (a woman) bought a very exuberant dress, which also doesn't fit her nicely. She asks your opinion, you:
Tell her she's beautiful || Pretend an incoming call and run away || Tell her the truth

3 - When you give an opinion to your friends, do they believe you?
No, usually || Yes, sometimes || Yes, frequently

4 - What's your opinion about "white lies"?
They are a very good invention || You try not to tell them || They are wrong anyway

5 - Do you remember the last time you told someone a lie?
You tell too many lies to remember || You think so || You never tell lies

6 - Is it a lie to tell children about the existence of Santa Claus?
Santa really exists || It's not a bad lie || Yes

7 - You cheated on your partner and he/she guessed it. What do you do?
You deny everything || You invent some justifications
|| You admit your fault

8 - You spent a lot of money for buying an "original" car... You would like your friends to:
Love your car anyway || Appreciate your car || Tell you what they really think about your car

9 - What do you think about those companies of friends where people cover up their wrongdoings reciprocally?
That's real friendship || Sometimes it's necessary || They are cowards

10 - You invited some guests for dinner and one of them harshly criticizes your homemade food. What's your reaction?
You think he's rude || You are disappointed, he could pretend to liked it
|| You appreciate his sincerity

11 - You told a little lie that has been discovered. How do you feel?
Angry || Embarassed || You never tell lies

12 - What do you think about sincerity at all costs?
It's useless or harmful || It's right, within certain limits || It's fundamental

13 - You became an important public personality. Journalists discovered some skeletons in your closet, you:
Deny everything || Try to burke the discovery || Admit your faults

14 - People in love with each others should have no secrets. Do you agree?
Not at all || Yes, but it's not always possible || Yes, completely

15 - A friend of yours confessed you that he cheated on his girlfriend (your friend also). Do you tell her about it?
No, never || I'd like to, but I'm not sure || Yes, I tell her everything

16 - Your partner told you a secret. The day after your best friend asks you about it. You:
Pretend you don't know anything || Tell him it's none of his business
|| Tell him the secret

17 - Lying to get out of troubles is passable. What do you think?
You completely agree || You partially agree || You don't agree

18 - Your partner did something bad towards you. Do you want to know about it?
No, I prefer a lie || No, I don't wanna know anything || Yes, I want him/her to tell me the truth

19 - Is it worse a lie about something futile, or a lie about something important?
They are both not bad || The lie about something important || They are both serious lies

20 - Some social contexts do not like dispassionate sincerity. What's your opinion about it?
It should always be like this || There must be some good reasons for this
|| It's wrong anyway

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