Solitude is perhaps the biggest problem of modern man. In a world that moves faster and faster, in a society that wants us all occupied with friends and things to do, it seems that you end up feeling less and less heard and understood. There is so much haste in our modern society, and although you come into contact with dozens of different people all the time, thanks to technology, people generally relate to each other on a rather superficial level, that is cold and not very satisfying from an emotional point of view. Human relationships are almost all formal, stereotyped, not very imaginative and above all a little shallow. People sometimes literally lack the time to share something with someone, and sometimes lack the desire to do so. The result, however, is always the same: a deep sense of loneliness. If you believe you are one of them, who are increasing in number, who feel badly neglected by others, and who spend their time wistfully dreaming of a richer life of consideration and affection, our test will help quantify the level of loneliness you're experiencing.

1 - Do you ever feel you are getting little attention from friends?
No, in fact I feel they give me a lot of attention
No, generally speaking
Yes, but not very often
Yes, often

2 - Do you ever wish to be contacted more by people (acquaintances, friends, relatives)?
Yes, often
Yes, but rarely
No, if I want to see them or hear from them I contact them
No, not at all

3 - Do you find that technology (e.g. mobile phones, internet) bring people closer?
What? Maybe it distances them!
In short, itís not always so
Generally, yes
Yes, absolutely

4 - Do you ever dream of a different life?
Yes, almost all the time
Generally, no
No, never

5 - How many good friends do you have?
Two or three
A lot!

6 - Do you think that relationships between people are generally too superficial?
Yes, they are often false and superficial
Yes, but there are also many real relationships
No, superficial relationships are an exception
No, I donít see superficiality in relationships

7 - Do you think real friendship exists?
No, it does not exist
No, except in very exceptional cases
Yes, but itís rare
Of course, I have many true friends

8 - True friendship is manifested: (select the statement that you most agree with)
When going out together, sharing moments of happiness and joy
In sharing thoughts, ideas and emotions
Loving one another, being a constant presence which you can rely on
Keep each other company

9 - Do you prefer to go out in big groups (5-6 or more) or in small groups (2-3 people)?
Absolutely in big groups, the more the better!
In big groups, but not always
Generally in small groups
Always in small groups, or with one person at a time

10 - Hypothetical situation: you're single and you're invited to a party where you know there will be almost exclusively couples. What would you do?
I would not go, it would be really sad
I would go, but I would feel uncomfortable
I would go anyway, perhaps accompanied by someone else who is single
I would certainly go, even alone!

11 - Do you ever stay at home at weekends?
Yes, I often have no one to go out with
Yes, but it does not always depend on me
No, usually I always go out at weekends
No never, I always have something to do at weekends!

12 - A person who has few friends and is not very wanted: (choose between the following options)
Is obviously someone who is not very interesting!
Is perhaps not very sociable
Perhaps differs from the masses and therefore is little appreciated
Obviously itís not understood by most people

13 - A single person with few friends and without a partner can still be happy. What do you think of this?
No, itís absolutely impossible
I could not be happy if it was me
It depends, generally I think so
In his/her place I would feel a strong need for affection

14 - Do you find it better to have a few but really good friends (say 2 or 3), or many friends but with quite superficial relationships?
Itís much better to have one friend, but a real one
Itís better to have real friends, but not too few
Itís better to have few but good friends
Itís always better to have a lot of friends, even if they are not all deep relationships

15 - What is the most difficult thing in relation to solitude?
The boredom that comes with it
The desire to do something and not being able to
The emptiness
The lack of affection

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