Super personality test

The following test presents 23 questions that you will have to answer sincerely. At the end of it, depending on the answers you gave, our test will provide you a customized personality profile. The peculiarity of this test is that it permits you to give open answers (not multiple-choice ones!) and to receive a completely customized, real time description of your personality based on your answers. Our test never produces two identical profiles! Please notice that this is not a serious personality test, and its purpose in mainly to give you few minutes of relax. Have fun!

1 - Your name:

2 - Your gender:

3 - Your age: (in numbers)

4 - How long would you like to live? (in numbers)

5 - How many friends do you have? (in numbers)

6 - A positive adjective to describe yourself: (ex: honest, funny, polite...)

7 - A negative adjective to describe yourself: (ex: stubborn, proud, jealous...)

8 - A positive adjective to describe your life: (ex: serene, active, full...)

9 - The name of a personage that you admire: (ex: celebrity, singer, scientist...)

10 - Briefly explain why you admire this person: (begin your sentence with "He is" or "She is". Example: "She's intelligent and refined")

11 - The name of a famous person that you can't stand: (ex: a politician, an actor, a singer...)

12 - A job that you would really hate to do: (ex: taxi driver, undertaker...)

13 - A job that you would love to do: (ex: doctor, singer, astronaut...)

14 - Three very important things in life: (ex: health, work, money....)

15 - The color that you like the least:

16 - List three objects, real or not, of this color: (ex: trees, sea, sky...)

17 - Your favorite color:

18 - List three objects, real or not, of your favorite color: (ex: poppies, roses, night...)

19 - Your favorite activity: (use the participle, for example: swimming, eating, sleeping...)

20 - The worst politician of our time:

21 - How many different partners would you like to have in your life? (in numbers. You can exaggerate...)

22 - The worst thought you've ever had: (use the participle, for example: burning my brother's nose hair, spitting on someone's head...)

23 - How would you describe the person that you hate the most? (start your sentence with "He is" or "She is". Example: "He's dishonest and evil")

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