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Superstition test

The following test has been developed to quickly measure one's level of superstition, which is the belief that some objects, symbols and behaviours can influence people's present and future life, even if they seem not to possess a direct connection to it. A superstitious person believes in luck and bad luck.

1 - You read the horoscope:
Never || Sometimes || Frequently

2 - Friday the 13th is a:
Day like others || Particular day || Disturbing day

3 - Do you happen to feel particularly lucky or unlucky?
Never || Sometimes || Frequently

4 - Do you possess any good luck charms?
None || Someone || Many

5 - Your destiny:
Is written || Depends mostly on you || Depends only on you

6 - Have you ever been victim of hex (or do you know someone that has been victim of it)?
No || I wouldn't know || Yes

7 - A black cat crosses the street, what do you feel?
Worry || Fear || Nothing particular

8 - Before an important work/trial, do you want other people to wish you luck?
Yes || I wouldn't know || No

9 - Number 13 is:
Unpleasant || Dangerous || Like other numbers

10 - Luck is a:
Superior force || Casualness

11 - Touching iron has the purpose of:
Avoiding disgraces || Showing one's superstition

12 - Do you ever happen to use tarot cards to know your future?
Never || Sometimes || Frequently

13 - When you feel particularly unquiet, do you happen to practice rituals in order to defeat ill fortune?
Never || Sometimes || Frequently

14 - Astrology is:
A science || A game || A foolish thing

15 - Clothes of certain colors bring bad luck. What do you think?
It's true || It's not true || What a stupid thing

16 - Sometimes strange, unexplainable, irrational things happen. What do you think?
Yes, they frequently happen || Yes, they happen sometimes || No, they don't happen

17 - Coincidences do not exist, everything is written somewhere. What do you think?
It's true || It's not true || I'm not sure

18 - Have you ever had premonitory dreams?
Never || Sometimes || Frequently

19 - There are people with supernatural powers. What do you think?
It's true || It's not true || I'm not sure

20 - Each number possesses a specific meaning. What do you think?
Yes, it's true || No, it's false || I wouldn't know

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