The following test is aimed at quantifying, in a nice way and without any claim to be true, the future duration of your marriage. Find out if your marital union is in good health or if you are approaching a not so happy ending. How long will your wedding last? To find out, you must truthfully answer the 20 questions that follow. Oh, please donít take the result too seriously. This test is unsuitable for touchy people!

1 - How long have you been married?
A few days || A few months || About a year || 2-4 years || 5-10 years
|| 10-20 years || Over 20 years

2 - What is the age difference between you and your partner?
We're the same age || 1-2 years || 3-6 years || 7-10 years || 11-15 years
|| Over 15 years

3 - Have you had children?
No || Yes, one || Yes, two || Yes, three or more

4 - How many hours do you spend together, on average, per day? (excluding when you go to sleep!)
1-2 hours || 3-4 hours || 5-8 hours || 9 or more hours

5 - How often do you discuss things during the week? (even trivial issues)
Practically all the time || 3-4 times || 2 times || Once || Never

6 - Do you think that your partner easily attracts other people?
Yes, and it causes me concern || Yes, but it does not bother me
|| Yes, and I am very pleased || No, and it's better that way || No, and I'm sorry

7 - Are you a jealous person?
Yes, a lot || Yes, moderately || No, almost never || No, not at all

8 - Does your partner ever try to make you jealous on purpose?
No, never! || No, I donít think so || Yes, and I like it || Yes, and I cannot stand it

9 - Do you and your partner have similar hobbies and passions?
No, not at all || Not completely || Yes, we share different passions || Yes, we spend our free time doing the same things

10 - Do you entrust things to each other?
No, never || Rarely || Often || Always

11 - Do you trust your partner?
Yes, blindly || Yes, enough || Yes, but not always || No, I don't

12 - Do you ever feel that your partner is no longer attracted to you as he/she once was?
Yes, unfortunately || Yes, but I am no longer attracted to him/her as I once was || No, Iíve never felt that way || No, I actually I think he/she is more attracted than before

13 - Do you ever think that your life would be better if you had not married him/her?
No, never || Rarely || Sometimes || Frequently

14 - Have you ever been unfaithful to your partner?
Yes, more than once || Yes, but only once || No, I've never had the opportunity
|| No, I would never do it

15 - Are you in love with your partner?
Yes, a lot || Yes, but not as it once was || I think so
|| No, not any more || No, but I've never been so

16 - Do you feel loved by your partner?
Yes, a lot || Yes, but not as it once was || I think so
|| No, not any more || No, but I've never been so

17 - Are you satisfied with your intimacy?
No, not at all || So so || Yes, but not completely || Yes, a lot

18 - Is there any side to your partnerís character that you just cannot stand?
Yes, there is more than one || Yes, but itís small thing || I wouldnít know
|| No, I like everything about him/her

19 - Do you ever wish for more freedom and time to devote only to yourself?
Yes, often || Yes, sometimes || Rarely || No, never

20 - If you could go back in time, would you marry your partner again?
Yes, sure! || I think so || No, I don't think so || No, never!
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