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Willpower test

The following test estimates the strength of one's willpower. Someone with a weak willpower is not able to impose himself objectives and bring them to a conclusion, frequently appearing as an inconclusive person. Who instead possesses a strong willpower is capable of wielding a considerable control over his life; he's motivated and oriented towards his objectives. This test does not have a diagnostic function and its result should be considered purely indicative.

1 - Your doctor told you to follow a strict dietary regime; are you going to follow it, despite the sacrifices you will have to make?
No || I'm not sure || I think so || Yes, sure

2 - In a month you will participate in contest for a prestigious and demanding job. You need to be very prepared, and you will probably have to renounce hangouts and hobbies for at least 3 weeks. Would you do it?
No || I'm not sure || I think so || Yes, sure

3 - Tomorrow you will have an important examination and now you should review your material, but a friend of yours calls you and invites you to a nice party. Do you accept his invitation?
No || I'm not sure || I think so || Yes, sure

4 - You enrolled in an aerobics course in order to improve your physical performances; the course will last 4 months and it will be very challenging. Will you attend all lessons?
No || I'm not sure || I think so || Yes, sure

5 - When you take a pondered, but also painful decision, do you carry it out anyway?
No || I'm not sure || I think so || Yes, sure

6 - It's important to resist temptation. Do you agree?
Not at all || Not much || Enough || Completely

7 - You noticed that course that could boost your career, but it's very demanding and you have to attend all lessons. Do you think that you will be able to do it?
No || I'm not sure || I think so || Yes, sure

8 - They diagnosed you a particular pollen allergy; they also prescribed you some pills to take every day for three months. These pills have unpleasant side effects. Are you going to take them anyway?
No || I'm not sure || I think so || Yes, sure

9 - If a dear person contracted a degenerative illness, time and money permitting, do you think that you would take care or him/her?
No || I'm not sure || I think so || Yes, sure

10 - Would you be able to remain faithful to your partner during a long absence, let's say six months?
No || I'm not sure || I think so || Yes, sure

11 - Do you adapt your behaviour to your principles and ideals, or do you adapt your principles and ideals to you behaviour?
Behavior to principles || Principles to behaviour || I don't know

12 - When facing a complicated and apparently non-solvable problem, what do you do first?
I resign to it || I hope for an external aid || After a first moment of hesitation I look for a solution || I immediately start working on it

13 - Do you happen to postpone or cancel meetings or appointments because of your laziness?
Never || Rarely || Sometimes || Frequently

14 - Do you always avoid what scares you, even when other people try to show you that there's nothing to be scared of?
Always || Frequently || Sometimes || Never

15 - Do you endeavor to control your reactions and behaviours in order to make them more understandable by others?
Very much || Enough || Not much || Not at all

16 - Have you ever tried IN VAIN to moderate some of your vices, such as smoking, drinking, eating etc?
Never || Once || Several times || Many times

17 - Do you easily adapt yourself to new situations? (for example: time variations, changes in your daily routine, etc)
Very easily || Easily || Not easily || Hardly

18 - Have you ever practised a regular physical activity, at least twice a week for a period of one year or more?
Yes || No

19 - If you fail in work or sports despite your considerable efforts, do you try again? Or do you give up?
I give up || I try again || I don't know

20 - Better an egg today than a hen tomorrow. Do you agree?
Yes, completely || Yes, enough || Not much || Not at all

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