This test is quite similar to that of the laziness/industriousness test. However, unlike the above-mentioned test, which primarily measures behaviour, this questionnaire is aimed at detecting a mental attitude, in other words a way of thinking. Laziness is a consequence of a passive mental attitude, so itís very likely that a mentally passive person is also lazy, while it may not be the case that a lazy person has a passive character. Mental passivity occurs in all areas of life: thoughts, deeds, social relationships, at work... Itís an attitude rooted in the person and is difficult to change, but itís hardly constructive! Let's see how you do!

1 - Least possible effort, best results. Whatís your opinion?
I totally agree! || It depends, even if generally the simplest way is preferable || There's no fun in achieving things easily

2 - Do you find that objectives achieved with commitment and effort give more satisfaction than those obtained easily?
Of course they do! || Not always || I donít like to make an effort

3 - Which of the following statements is closer to your way of thinking?
I make as much effort as possible in everything I do
I do what needs to be done without overdoing it
I do the bare minimum

4 - Are you ever unable to sleep because your brain does not stop thinking and producing ideas and thoughts?
No, I'm not || Rarely || Often

5 - If you had to lose a few pounds, which method you choose among the following?
A pharmacological method || Dieting || Physical activity

6 - You havenít heard from a friend in a while. What do you do?
I wait for the other person to call || I call him/her || I donít care

7 - Thinking is also hard work. Whatís your opinion?
Yes, it's very tiring || Yes, but sometimes you need to think || I love to think and reason

8 - When you hear someone say something complex and unusual:
You listen thoughtfully || You donít listen at all: itís too much effort! || You listen carefully and try to understand

9 - When you have to explain something important to someone:
You think about how to explain it, choosing your words carefully
You improvise, in any case trying to make yourself understood
You expect the other person to understand you immediately, so that you donít have to give many explanations

10 - When you like a person, what do you do?
I wait for the other person to approach me || I try to get myself noticed and arouse interest
|| I approach and try to get to know the other person

11 - Helping yourself means really getting things done. Whatís your opinion?
I disagree: itís always better to take advantage of others
Itís not always true
I agree: when possible itís best to get things done by yourself

12 - If you can choose different ways to get to a place about 1 km away, what method would you prefer?
Taxi/lift from someone else || Car || Motorcycle/scooter || Bike/Walk

13 - When you feel that there is something wrong with you, what do you do?
I donít think about it and wait for it to go away || I immediately try and find someone to talk to about it
|| I stop to think and try to understand what is wrong

14 - Do you watch any sports on TV?
Yes, all the time || Every now and then || Little or nothing || Not much: I prefer practicing sport

15 - Do you think itís right that a person who puts little effort into their work, perhaps leaving others to make up for their shortcomings, gets paid as much as their colleagues?
Absolutely not || I wouldnít know || Yes, since itís other people who are doing more than they should

16 - Do you prefer to be with people:
Who love comfort and the good life || Not overly active, but not lazy || Active and adventurous

17 - Do you often kill time sleeping or lounging in front of the television?
Yes, often || Sometimes || Only when Iím sick || Never

18 - Given the choice, would you rather make something you like yourself, putting in physical and mental time and effort, or buy something already made and ready to be used?
Buy it already made || I wouldnít know || Make it myself!

19 - Do you prefer to have deep and committed relationships, based on conversation, or relationships that tend to be a little less effort or based mostly on having company when you go out?
Relationships based on having company when you go out
Relationships based on conversation

20 - Are your ideas are primarily derived from personal experience, or from what you hear on TV, the radio, from friends?
Only based on my personal experience
A little personal experience and a little based on what others tell me
From what others tell me
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