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Laziness-productivity test

The following test measures one's you productivity level. Are you one of those people that always choose the simplest way to reach their goals? Or are you ready to sustain any necessary efforts and sacrifices to achieve our objectives? Let's see what our test tells you. And always remember that "He who sleeps catches no fish". Have fun!

1 - You're driving your can when you suddenly remember that you have to stop at that shop on the road. Where do you park your car?
You look for a parking lot near the shop || The closest possible, why not double parking? || On the sidewalk in front of the shop

2 - You have to reach an office located at the second floor. Do you take the stairway or the elevator?
The stairway || The elevator

3 - You decide to take the elevator anyway, but this was occupied a moment ago. What do you do?
You wait for the elevator to come back || You take the stairway

4 - You're in the city and you need to reach a place that is 1 km (0,62 miles) far from you. How do you reach it?
By subway/bus || by taxi || By walking or by cycle

5 - You're looking for a parking spot at the shopping centre, but there are no free spots in your area. What do you do?
You keep moving untill a spot is freed up || You move to a farther area
|| You park behind other cars

6 - Do you play any sports?
Never || Sometimes || Regularly

7 - When you're asked to do something, you:
Do it as soon as possible || Do it as soon as you feel like || You need to be encouraged a couple of times

8 - While reading a book you find a term that you don't know. What do you do?
You look it up in a dictionary or online || Maybe you'll look it up later
|| You rapidly forget about it

9 - You have to execute a new task, which requires a lot of care. You:
Immediately try to execute it by yourself || Try to execute it, but you also ask someone else for help || You ask someone else to execute it

10 - Is it better to work now and relax later, or to relax immediately and work later?
To work now and relax later || To relax now and work later || Spread work and relax homogeneously

11 - In a month you'll have to take a difficult examination:
It's better to start studying || Almost time, let's start getting organized
|| There's still so much time...

12 - Things that give more satisfaction are those that we "toiled". Do you agree?
Yes, absolutely || Sometimes you don't need to toil... || Oh, Come on!

13 - Who always complains about not finding a job does not look for it well enough. What do you think?
If you look, you will find || Maybe he doesn't look for it well enough
|| Work is a right, anyone should receive a job

14 - Do you happen to invent excuses to postpone or decline your tasks?
Frequently || Sometimes || Rarely || Never

15 - Imagine a world where all people earn the same money, regardless of their commitment and results. Do you like the idea?
Yes, it would be great || Yes, but not completely || No, it would be unfair toward most committed ones

16 - He who sleeps catches no fish. Do you agree?
Not at all || Partially || Completely

17 - Do you happen to organize events, gatherings, parties... or do you just prefer to leave other people do it?
You rarely organize || You frequently organize || You leave others do it

18 - To reach your goals, you choose:
The shorter way || The right way || The harder way

19 - Work dignifies man. Do you agree?
No, you hate work || Not all kinds of work || Yes, work is essential

20 - Do you like to keep yourself engaged in various activities like reading, doing manual work, playing sports?
No || Sometimes || Frequently || Always
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