Sometimes it's very easy to enter a state of psychophysical relaxation: stop what you're doing, quit thinking about what you have to do and start listening to the sounds of the surrounding nature. There are a lot of natural phenomena able to lead our mind and body to a state of calmness and peace; among these we count: rain storms, the sound of the ocean, the sound of waterfalls, the singing of birds and other animals. These are just some examples; actually, the sounds that may produce a state of relaxation are numerous. Below you'll find some of the most effective ones. They are just simple audio recordings that can be freely used.
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To fully enjoy the relaxing effect of the following audios you will need to:

1) be in a silent environment, without any kind of visual and acoustic distraction;
2) listen to the files by using headphones or earpieces;
3) close your eyes and concentrate on the sounds, freeing your mind from thoughts and worries.

Click the Play button to start the audio.

Warning: The audio files presented in this page are not copyright protected!


Country Rain >>

Storm and Thunder >>

Storm and Thunder 2 >>

Waterfall >>

Creek and Bird Singing >>

Amazon Rainforest >>

Rain and Bird Singing >>

Rain and Bird Singing 2 >>

Ocean >>

Sea Waves >>

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