Meditation and Relaxation in Plain English
Author: Bob Sharples - Year: 2006
Meditation is supposed to help people cope with stresses encountered each and every day, but many books on the subject are so complex that they end up being stressors themselves. Meditation and Relaxation in Plain English avoids this pitfall, presenting techniques that focus on achieving calmness and clarity without a ton of confusing language. Written by a meditation instructor with years of experience, the prose is easy to follow and informed by the author's learned expertise. For anyone who has ever wanted to enjoy pain management, better health, and greater relaxation, Meditation and Relaxation in Plain English provides potent tools that are easy to learn and easy to enjoy.

The Fine Arts of Relaxation, Concentration, and Meditation: Ancient Skills for Modern Minds
Author: Joel Levey - Year: 2003
Joel and Michelle Levey have taught thousands of people around the globe to live in greater harmony and balance. Field-tested and refined over many years, the Leveys' unique approach to stress-mastery and personal development offers step-by-step guidance for developing personal strengths, enhancing the quality of life, and making a real contribution to the world. The Fine Arts of Relaxation, Concentration and Meditation offers a treasury of the authors' most useful teachings: Waking up throughout the day; finding one's meditation practice and sticking to it; balancing breath, brain, and mind-mastering stress and enhancing performance in every arena of one's life; creative intelligence-—the dynamic synergy of active and quiet mind skills; mastery, mystery, and meditation—awakening to one's true nature; and inspired work—relaxation, concentration, and meditation on the job. A vital blend of profoundly practical skills, advice, instruction, and encouragement makes this a complete course for awakening more fully to one's highest potentials in each moment of life.

Indigo Dreams: Adult Relaxation-Guided Meditation/Relaxation Techniques decrease anxiety, stress, anger
Author: Lori Lite - Year: 2006
Experience four research-based, stress management techniques that are accepted and used by both the traditional medical and holistic communities. You will not find any philosophies, theories or fluff presented here because frankly, we do not have time for that and chances are neither do you. Enjoy and learn four stress-management techniques; diaphragmatic breathing, affirmations, visualizations, and progressive muscular relaxation accompanied by soothing, uplifting music to further enhance your relaxation experience. Now you can watch your whole family manage stress and anxiety!

Your Present: A Half-Hour of Peace: A Guided Imagery Meditation for Physical & Spiritual Wellness
Author: Susie Mantell - Year: 2000
Publishers Weekly Award, Best Audios
Audie Awards Finalist, Best Original Work
Town & Country, “As Good As It Gets” Issue
“Terrific corporate gift!” —Ann T. Buivid, president, Remington
“Highly recommended.” —Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society
“If you can buy just one CD—this is it!” —Canyon Ranch Living Essentials
With a voice described as "liquid," stress-relief expert Susie Mantell has created a uniquely soothing relaxation experience for men and women in all walks of life. Like an easy chair, Mantell's exquisite narration gently releases tension, easing the worry out of sleepless nights. Clinically approved for health-related, work-related, chronic and traumatic stress, soft music enhances the warm, elegantly packaged narration. In today’s stressful world, drift into the quiet place where worries dissipate, where healing begins.

Relaxation Revolution: The Science and Genetics of Mind Body Healing
Author: Herbert Benson - Year: 2010
Recent scientific breakthroughs—demonstrating that mind body strategies can actually “switch off” or “switch on” gene activity associated with health and disease—have triggered a mind body revolution in the medical world.
In the 1970s, Dr. Herbert Benson of Harvard Medical School ushered in a new era of understanding in the field of mind body medicine. Coining the term “relaxation response,” Dr. Benson identified the body’s physiologic reaction that is the exact opposite of the stress (fight-or-flight) response. In the four decades since that initial discovery, Benson and his colleagues have established the first effective therapy to counteract the harmful effects of stress. They have explored how the relaxation response, the power of expectation and belief, and other mind body phenomena can produce healing in your own body.

HypnoBirthing: The Mongan Method: A natural approach to a safe, easier, more comfortable birthing (3rd Edition)
Author: Marie F. Mongan - Year: 2005
Childbirth is not something to be feared; it is a natural expression of life. With HypnoBirthing, your pregnancy and childbirth will become the gentle, life-affirming process it was meant to be.
In this easy-to-understand guide, HypnoBirthing founder Marie Mongan explodes the myth of pain as a natural accompaniment to birth. She proves through sound medical information that it is not our bodies but our culture that has made childbirth a moment of anguish, and that when we release the fear of birth, a fear that is keeping our bodies tense and closed, we will also release the pain.
HypnoBirthing is nature, not manipulation. It relaxes the mind in order to let the body work as it is designed. The HypnoBirthing exercises—positive thinking, relaxation, visualization, breathing and physical preparation—will lead to a happy and comfortable pregnancy, even if you are currently unsure of an intervention-free birth. Your confidence, trust and happy anticipation will in turn lead to the peaceful, fulfilling and bonding birth that is your right as a mother.
More than 10,000 happy couples have had their lives changed for the better by HypnoBirthing. More than 500 news organizations—including Good Morning America, The Today Show, Dateline, The Richard & Judy Show, Time, Newsweek, Parenting and Better Homes & Gardens—have joined the movement for better birthing.
Why is HypnoBirthing changing the way the world gives birth? That's simple. Because it works.

When My Worries Get Too Big! A Relaxation Book for Children Who Live with Anxiety
Author: Kari Dunn Buron - Year: 2006
The thought of losing control can cause major problems for children who live with anxiety. Now, parents, teachers and children have a helpful tool that gives young children an opportunity to explore their own feelings with parents or teachers as they react to events in their daily lives. Engaging and easy to read, this illustrated children s book is filled with opportunities for children to participate in developing their own self-calming strategies. Children who use the simple strategies in this charming book, illustrated by the author, will find themselves relaxed and ready to focus on work or play!

Experience Yoga Nidra: Guided deep relaxation
Author: Swami Janakananda Saraswati - Year: 1997
Two genuine relaxation methods from the Nyasa Tantra, 20 minutes and 45 minutes - and a piece of music. 20 page information booklet included. Swami Janakananda guides you into a deep relaxation of body and mind. He also uses the tantric mantras and visual symbols to awaken and harmonize the chakras. With a background of nature sounds and music. Roop Verma, on sitar, is the first musician to record the chakras' ancient music symbols.

The Relaxation Response
Author: Miriam Z. Klipper - Year: 2000
When Dr. Herbert Benson introduced this simple, effective, mind/body approach to relieve stress in The Relaxation Response twenty-five years ago, the book became an instant national bestseller. Since that time, millions of people have learned the secret of the relaxation response--without high-priced lectures, drugs, or prescription medicine. The tremendous success of this approach has turned The Relaxation Response into the classic reference recommended by most health care professionals and authorities to treat the harmful effects of stress.
This revitalizing, therapeutic approach, discovered by Dr. Benson and his colleagues in the laboratories of Harvard Medical School and its teaching hospitals, is now routinely recommended to treat patients suffering from heart conditions, high blood pressure, chronic pain, insomnia, and many other physical ailments. Requiring only minutes to learn, and just ten to twenty minutes of practice twice a day, the Relaxation Response has proven to be one of the most effective ways to relieve the tensions of modern-day living for a richer, healthier, more productive life.

The Wellness Book: The Comprehensive Guide to Maintaining Health and Treating Stress-Related Illness
Author: Herbert Benson - Year: 1993
Millions of readers are familiar with the work of Dr. Herbert Benson and the Mind/Body Medical Institute from his mega-bestselling book The Relaxation Response . With more than 5 million copies in print, it is a classic in the field of mind/body medicine. In The Wellness Book, Dr. Benson has created the definitive resource that shows readers how to maintain health and treat stress-related illnesses, including high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, chronic pain, Parkinson’s Disease, infertility, insomnia, anxiety, symptoms of HIV and cancer, menopause, and more.
The Wellness Book shows readers how to create and control their own well being. Use of the book, in combination with modern medical treatments, will aid in prevention and treatment of a number of illnesses and, according to USA TODAY, “legitimizes the mind/body connection in traditional medicine.”

Insight into Emptiness
Author: Khensur Jampa Tegchok - Year: 2012
A former abbot of one of the largest Tibetan Buddhist monasteries in the world, Khensur Jampa Tegchok has been teaching Westerners about Buddhism since the 1970s. With a deep respect for the intellectual capacity of his Western students, Khensur Tegchok here unpacks with great erudition Buddhism’s animating philosophical principle—the emptiness of all appearances. Instead of commenting on a text or relying on a traditional framework, Insight into Emptiness uses accessible language specifically tailored to the Western mind. Engagingly edited by bestselling author Thubten Chodron, emptiness is here approached from a host of angles far beyond most treatments of the subject, while never sacrificing its conversational approach.

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