• Close your eyes;

  • Breathe in deeply, mentally, and slowly counting up to three;

  • Drive the air that you breathe in down to your belly, and let it gradually fill your lungs completely;

  • Hold your breath for about three seconds;

  • Don’t be in a hurry; take all the time you need;

  • Breathe out slowly, counting up to five;

  • Don’t force your breathing too much: keep it fluid and regular;

  • Repeat the exercise;

  • Concentrate your attention on that point of your belly that rises and follow up as far as your chest;

  • Use your nose to breathe in and your mouth to breathe out;

  • As you are breathing, try to free your mind from any problems and worries you may have;

  • Imagine that your thoughts are drifting away together with the air that is leaving your body;

  • Remain calm and relaxed;

  • Concentrate on your breathing and repeat the exercise for about ten minutes;

  • If you concentrate on your breathing, it is far less likely you will be captured by unpleasant thoughts.

Do these exercises for a few days and very soon you will discover how easy it is to attain a state of relaxation.

>>> (Exercise: muscular relaxation)

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