Facebook is a successful site. After its introduction a growing interest developed around it all over the world. Why is it so successful? Itís not easy to say or even give a single answer that summarises the reasons for its millions of visitors. What is certain is that the "Facebook" phenomenon, and in this definition we want to include all sites that are similar, has created an illusion. The illusion of easy social contacts and easy friendships. A real phenomenon of "interpersonal disengagement", which would like all individuals to be in contact with each other but in an often superficial and baseless emotional reality. Furthermore, this phenomenon is not new; it already existed before the introduction of the book of faces, but certainly not as widespread and passively accepted. The introduction of the Internet and e-mail first, chat and virtual forums shortly after, and almost simultaneously the advent of cell phones and text messaging; this is where the phenomenon originated from. Facebook and its facebook people are not just another consequence of this process of "interpersonal disengagement" as we have defined it above. However the "worldwide" success of the portal of easy friendships leads us to a deeper reflection and pushes us to speak even of "addiction". Spending hours a day, all the time, on Facebook, taking time away from real life, real friendships, work, to ourselves, cannot be considered acceptable behaviour, and it is right in this case to speak of real "facebook-dependence".

1 - Do you think Facebook can make relationships between people easier and better?
Yes, absolutely || It depends, but generally yes || No, even if sometimes it can be useful
|| No, not at all

2 - If Facebook announced it was closing down, how would you feel?
Relief, it would be good for human relationships || Maybe I would fell a little sad but I wouldnít call it tragic || It would be a shame || It would be a disaster, how would I handle my relationships with all my friends?

3 - Among your friends on Facebook, how many friends are only virtual and how many also real (including seeing them in person)?
Half and half || There are more virtual ones || There are more real ones
|| They are all real friendships

4 - Do you often go to look at the photos and other changes made to the profiles of your friends?
Never || All the time, several times a day || Almost every day || Once a week or less

5 - When you know a person in the real world (for example in a club/bar/restaurant), do you ask if they are on facebook?
No, I don't care || Sometimes || Often || Always

6 - Do you find it strange that some people (perhaps younger people) are not registered on facebook and donít seem to be interested in it?
No, in fact I think itís positive || No, even if in fact it may seem unusual || Yes, I find it quite strange
|| Yes, it seems inconceivable

7 - Do you think the main use of the internet is to:
Simplifying work || Providing information || Meeting people || Maintaining social relationships

8 - How many friends do you have on Facebook?
0-20 || 21-50 || 51-100 || 101 +

9 - Do you publish your photos on Facebook?
No, never || Rarely, once or twice a year || Only after trips / holidays / new experiences
|| Whenever I can

10 - Have you ever thought that the friendships you make on Facebook are not really that "substantial"?
No, in fact I find them very intense || No, but now that you mention it...
|| Yes, but it doesnít matter || Yes, I am aware of it and I have no illusions

11 - How much time do you spend on average on Facebook?
1-2 hours per week || One hour a day || 2 hours a day || 3 or more hours a day

12 - Do you think that Facebook brings people closer?
Yes, absolutely || It depends how itís used, but generally yes
|| Not always, it sometimes generates illusions || No, it tends to make the relationship more superficial

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